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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to high school self, I would say, it'll get better so don't slack off. The thing I regret most when looking back on high school is all the time I wasted. I would tell myself to wake up, stop the self destructive behavior and academic sabotage. I'm a smart girl, but at the time I didn't embrace it. I barely turned in any work and never listen to my teachers. My grades and GPA were poor. I could do better, I knew it, but I just wasn't listening to myself. When I look back, I see that I wasted my opportunity of going to a collegiate high school. When graduation comes you're supposed to feel happy to be moving on to something new and better, but I simply felt stuck. It wasn't until I enrolled in college I realized what I had sacrificed in exchange for laziness. So if I had button to do it all over again, I would say "It'll pay off. It's worth it. Do it." I would say the things I need to hear when I had given up.


I would go back and tell myself to work harder, to work through those tough classes and study more. I would tell myself to get more involved in extra curricular activities. High school is a difficult time, you have so much pressure put on you that you forget to enjoy life sometimes. Enjoy every step of the journey and do not ever rush it. It is a balance of social and studies! Do not get so involved in your studies you forget about your friends and likewise, do not get so invoved with your friends that you forget to study! Try hard, persevere, and do not ever give up. Do not dream your life, live your dreams!


To myself as a high school senior... Keep on pushing because you will make it out of high school and continue on to better things. College life really isn't bad and I know you are going to make it. Just continue to make good grades and never give up. Never let anything or anybody get in the way of you doing your best in school and please maintain that excellent GPA of yours because it makes a big difference. Stay focused because your time is coming honey.


As a high school student I believe we think there is always tomorrow and we still have time to take our SAT, ACT, apply to colleges of our choice, and apply for scholarships. If I could go back in time I would definitely encourage, no nag myself with as many reminders as possible that time is running out! Like the old addage says, "Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today". I would also make certain to be diligent with my choosing my schedule, as classes fill up quickly. Keeping in touch with your counselors, whether they are your high school or college counselors, it is imperative to keep them in the loop. Ask questions. They are there to help you. Above all enjoy every experience along the way.


Don't expect to Berklee College of Music as soon as you graduate from high school. Instead, go straightaway to Edison State College as soon as you graduate. That way, you can complete your general studies and get the Associate Arts degree in just two years, thus allowing you to transfer to Berklee afterwards with a completed degree in your hand and less tuition. Also, apply for Edison as soon as you can and complete everything you have to when securing your seat at Edison and saving you less financial trouble. Otherwise, it will be a shaky end of your summer. Talk to Edison's advisors about the AA and know what you have to complete in order to get it while majoring in music. Throughout your two years at Edison, you must take all four levels of Music Theory and Sight Singing/Ear Training along with Class Piano, any musc ensemble, applied percussion lessons, and at least one music history/appreciation class along with the general studies required for the AA. It may sound very tiring but it actually isn't that hard as long as you plan ahead with the class schedules.


Dear Christina, SAVE your money! I know at this moment you feel that you can always start saving later on in life but honney the time is now. Things dont get easier, your bordem days have come to an end. Embrace the feeling of never getting enough sleep EVER! I believe in you just like I know you believe in yourself. If you dont remember anything else I say remember this; Love. Love like everday will be your last or like you will lose everything near and dear to you tomorrow. Be slow to get angry and realize that the obstacles in your way right now are just roadblocks and you truly are bigger than them. Love, your future self


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to always remain focus and finish strong. Knowing what I know about college now and making the transition was difficult because I wasnt wooried about studying so i can pass my test the next day. I felt as though the transition would've been easier if I remained focus and did what I was entitled to do. Instead of worrying about when was the next senior skip day or letting senioristis hit me the first semester of the year. Focusing more would've gotten me prepared for college and a brighter future.


Save as much money as you can. Financial aid is available, but you don't want to struggle. Money is your best friend while attendng college, and you're gonna wish you saved every penny you've ever got when you start college. Apply for as many scholarships as you can, and make sure you stay on top of your classes and track to graduate.


I would give myself the advice of taking as many free college classes you can as a senior. I turned down the opportunity to study in high school different college courses and I deciced to graduate early instead.


Calm down. Look into schools, how much they cost, what you're learning. See what you can get for your money. Don't get sucked into the hype and stigma about staying home for your first year and getting prerequisites out of the way. In the long run, you'll feel better for having saved so much money for when you actually decide what you want to do, and start some major classes. Take a deep breath, and enjoy your first year of college, high school is over. Life is getting ready to start, have fun.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would look myself in the eye very seriously and say “please don’t give up”. I would tell myself to apply for college before the school year starts, and to join programs that would be beneficial in helping to aid with college expenses. I would also tell myself to show up to every class on time, sit in the front row, and befriend every teacher that he has. Then I would tell him to take the ACT and the SAT early to see where he stands so he can study for them and ace them the next time he takes them. Then finally I would tell him to savor every moment he has left of high school football, wrestling, homecoming, prom and graduation.


Knowing now that the transition to college is a pretty demanding process, I would tell myself as a high school senior to take the initiative and start early. Most of the problems with transitioning to college, whether it be with applications or financial aid, could have been avoided had the appropriate steps been taken a little sooner. The fact that there is much anxiety in making one of the biggest changes in life cannot hinders any chances of making a smooth transition to a higher education level. College life makes every student come out of their comfort zones and force them to make major decisions and mature to a level we normally would not find ourselves. Perhaps my reluctance to embrace change rather than avoiding it could have helped me plan out my life from what major and future institution to pursue. Had I taken the initiative as a senior many of the problems I faced might have been avoided; however, if I made the transition from high school to college making the proper preliminary steps I would not have the valuable knowledge of how I needed to make personal changes in how I make my decisions for the future.


I would tell myself to start saving for college earlier. This is because even though I recieved aid for my first year transferring to a university is very expensive. I am not currently prepared for the costs I will have to cover. I would also tell myself to research transfer schools. This is because I started out at a community college but am now tranferring to a four year university. Planning where I would want to go would have helped me better plan for classes in community college. Some of the classes I took can't transfer or don't tranfer for what I thought they would. Having a better plan and a tranfer goal would have helped me greatly now. And this would have started with decisions I made in senior year.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself several things. The first thing would be time is the most valuable currency in life and that I should manage it more efficiently by immediately going into college straight after high school. Attaining my College Degree more efficiently at a younger age can be more appealing and successful to possible future employers. I would also say dont hesitate to ask for help. I have been able to make A's in very hard classes by asking for help in areas I was confused about and seing Tutors through the school. Finally, the most important thing i would tell myself is hard work always pays off! Whatever you put into something, your always gonna get it back.


So far during my college years, I have experienced a lot of knowledge. This constant exposure to education and knowledge has led me to pursue my studies in my spare time. During my spare time in college, rather than watching television or going on Facebook, I read books that pertain to my major. I find it highly enjoyable and productive to read these books because it gives me an insight on my future and entertains me instead of mindlessly watching television and drifting into a state of bore.


My college experience thus far has given me more than I could have ever expected, especially regarding the contents of my inteneded major. Learning about history in the school years preceding a college education, it consisted of memorizing facts and jotting them down on paper or multiple choice exams. In college, the way you learn is different, and benefically so. Instead of merely memorzing facts of all subject matter, one is required to analyze and more importantly, internalize the situations and problems at hand. This is exactly why college has been so valuable for me, and for others to attend. Going to college not only increases your chances for financial success, but it prepares you to face the problems of the world, create positive outcomes out of the harsh realities of life, and sets the building blocks for leaving the world a better place. For when you learn, you open your mind, your heart, and are given the opportunities to make differences. College has so far deepened my sense of self, my strong will and determiniation, heightened my indomitable spirit and sense of compassion, and furthered my will to succeed.


I have obtained many things from my college experience. One thing which i have learned is good habits and good friends are something to keep. When u graduated high school i had many bad habits, and they effected me my first semester of college. But as i progressed through school in addition to learning many things in my classes i learned that those habits needed to be dropped if i was to succeed and be succesful in my college career. In addition to my bad habits i also realized that my friends are a big source of stress and problems in my life, which they contributed to my bad habits. But in all, so far i have learned many vital life lessons which were neccisary for me to be a success in my future.


From my college experience so far, I have gotten more organized in everything, school work and homelife. I've become more open with people and learned to work better in groups. The most that I have taken from this college experience is to be an adult. I quickly found that my mom or dad couldn't do everything for me anymore; I have to motivate myself to do homework, to go to school everyday, to make sure my classes and financial are going well. This college experience has help my grow up and learn life skills.


I have gotten a lot of valuable experience attending college this semester, I've learned that it is your responsibility to complete any assignments given to you. I'm paying to go to college, so I'm going to try my hardest to pass with flying colors. I have also learned that working and going to school is not an easy thing to accomplish. You have to learn how to time manage yourself so you can do well in both your work and your school. I believe that going to college will turn out to be an invaluable experience for me.


Edison has opened many opportunities for me. If it weren't for the school and their fantastic staff helping me get started, I'd still be a stay at home mom with no job skills besides waiting tables. Now I am working toward my AS degree in Paralegal Studies and couldn't be happier. Edison is so valuable to me because I know once I graduate I will be on my way to a better life for my daughter and myself. Deciding to attend Edison State College has changed my life for the better.


Through my high school, I have taken Composition I and II at the school's campus. This class has been the best class that I have taken. I have learn so much about writting and about myself. I learned different ways of writting and how to do certain things the right way. I also learned a bit more about what college expectations are like. But mostly, I have learned about myself. I have learned many different ways that I learn, from trial and error to repetition. I also learned a lot about how I think and how I manage to get things done. It was a great time to learn time management and independence in my school work.


I will be attending Edison State College in the summer of 2010. It is important to attend college for me, not only because will I be the first person to recieve a degree in my family, but also, having an education is the only way to suceed in life now and days. With my education, I plan to rehabilitate endangered and threatened species. Earning my degree can help me change the world.


I would have to tell myself to get over my shyness. To go to class no matter what. College is alot easier then some people lead you to believe. If you dont try you will never succeed.


If I could go back in time I would apply for more scholarships and really focus on getting financial help for school. I would also study more and practice not prograstinating because in college procrastinating is hard to get away with.


My advice would be to attend college straigt from high school.


I would tell myself to relax. Back then, I thought that every minute of my life I would be studying, trying to make deadlines, and just be completely overwhelmed. But that's not true. Instructors realize how hard life is for us since we are trying to get out into the world. They give alot of essays, but they also offer lenient due dates. Classes don't even consume the entire day like in high school. You can take your class for a few hours and still have the whole day to live. Now I tell myself "Don't panic."


I would tell myself how important having a education is. I would have told myself to try as hard as you can now, and it will be sure to pay off in the long run.


I would first tell myself that money does not grow on trees and to save it, not spend it as soon as I get some. I would tell myself to make a budget and save. I would also tell myself to not stress out. Life is short and there is no need to stress over little things. As long as I do my best I will have made myself happy. I can always retake a class, and everything is replacable so just live in the moment, and breathe. The most important thing I would tell myself is there will always be boys, I do not need one. Also if I loose one there will be more, and at my age people are not as mature as I am, so get through school and do not worry about boys, there is plenty of time after school. If you do find a boy and he is truely great then take it slow and remember you are only young once so have fun, but be responsible. Basically I would tell myself live smart, but do not age yourself beyond your time, worrying will get you nowhere, just live the best life you can.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself a few tips about college. First I would tell myself to be a good student. The definition of a good student is not someone who gets straight A?s. A good student is one that shows up to class on time and prepared. Also I would tell myself to take advantage of professor?s office hours. Meet with the professor for extra help. This will give you a better understanding of the course work and the professor will see that you are trying hard. Finally I would give myself the secret to studying. Make flash cards and get your work done ASAP. By making flash cards you are writing which will increase comprehension. When you get your work done you have time to let your professors review it.


If I could go back in time I would advise myself to choose your career path carefully, develop good study habits, be patient and don't rush. Meet with a counselor and take the time to truelly examine yourself and select a career path that will be something that you can see yourself doing in 20 years or more. Also consider why am I choosing this path. Make time for and develop good study habits. You can get good grades by cramming at the last minute but you won't retain the information unless you truelly learn the material. Be patient, college life is more about following rules and learning to navigate the system. You have plenty of time to live your life. Take these years in college and make them the foundation for the rest of your life.


I would tell myself to make sure you your research as to what profession I need to focus on. I dont want to wander aimlessly just taking general ed courses and not pinpoint on a career. College is expensive and you want to make sure you can pay off your student loans once you are done. Also, make sure you do research as to what professors to take. A bad professor can make or break your grades and success . I would also, make sure to study what I love. You want to love your profession. It will make studying easier and eventually going to work everyday easier. Lastly, stay away from the free credit cards offers. Accepting a credit card while going to college is absolutely ridiculous. They shouldn't even be allowed to come onto campus.


As a highschool senior I couldn't wait to get out into to the real world. I did whatever I had to do to get out quick. Knowing what i know now I'd give myself the knowledge of the real worl of how things can be so difficult. I would have paid more attention in class and made sure I would understand the information instead of rushing it in and out. Once I graduated I took 4 years off, now I wish I would have kept going like everyone said I should. So here I am, just starting college and struggling. Working full time to support myself and paying out of my own pocket. Listen to your parents when they tell you that the real world is hard, they went through it and they know whats best.


Wow. If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I probably wouldn't listen. I would tell myself to take every oppurtunity that became available, apply for a scholarship every day, fill out a college application once a week, and take my SAT's just once more. Maybe if I had done that I wouldn't be in the situation I'm in today. I'd tell myself to listen to my parents and try to make things right with them, and that I don't have to move out as soon as I get a job. "Kathryn Rose," I'd start, "Push yourself, be the best student you can be, volunteer, join another club, get a job, develop long lasting friendships, and don't rely on just that boy you so desperately love. You are more than you think and you can do anything your heart desires. I know things seem like they are just falling apart but trust me, you can stitch them back together and everything will work out." If someone had told me that, I don't know that I would have listened but, I sure wish someone had.


Although difficult,attend secondary schooling while you are free from most responibilities,such as children,mortgage payments and things of that nature. Don't doubt yourself and believe that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Look forward to where you would like to be,instead of where you just end up.This is YOUR career,not somone else's! It is up to you when, where and how this happens.Just know that whatever course or path you venture down,it is never to late to begin your secondary education.Lood luck with whatever you do with your life.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in highschool, I would tell myself how important it is to get a good education. I'm 23 years old and just now starting my college education. Although I'm so glad I am back in school, it's much harder for me now than it would've been fresh out of highschool. I would tell myself that it's not as pointless as I thought it was, and that you do need a good education to get ahead in life. Four years might seem like a long time, but it's really not. Most importantly, I'd tell myself the harder I try and the more work I put it now, the easier things will be in the future. I'm pretty sure I would take my word for it.


When you start out get a complete understand on how financial aid and scholarships work. Don't forget to study hard, and save up as much money as you can over the summer months. Alot of mistakes happen because you don't full understand things, so don't forget to take your time, and ask questions if you need to. Make sure to form study groups early in the semester this is one of the key things to do to make it easier to understand your material for classes. Plus, its a great way to meet new people and expand your social networking skills for the future!


I would tell myself to stick it out. As someone who was not very excited about school back then, I have learned now just how important a college education is. Not just for my own gains, but for those of my children as well. It became clear to me as my daughter was entering Middle School, that I could not effectively impress on her the importance of an education, if I myself was not educated. I am not only improving my abilities, but setting a good educational example for my 2 girls. I would tell my former self that my children would be very proud of me and support me in my efforts. I would also tell my former self to get over the unease about returning to school being a different age than your "normal" college age. I have found that there are many adult college students returning to better themselves.


I think we all have wished this more than once to go back and change a decision or choice. We wonder how it might of changed our future and where we would be today, "If we only knew?" This has certainly crossed my mind, especially since I am 42 years old and basically starting over, as if I were just out of high school. Now, I know everything I do counts. I would tell myself to do everything to the best of my ability, because one day it just may pop up again and I will be glad I did. I would tell myself to not give up because I'm scared or have doubts. Also, I would tell myself that when things may seem impossible, don't quit, there is always a way. Lastly, I would say don't be afraid to ask for help, because people do care and will help. A long time ago I quit and that is where I went wrong. Today, I will not quit .


Going back as a high school senior, I would give myself some advice on taking the SAT's and the ACT's several times, inorder to earn the highest score possible. As a high school senior it was hard to decide what college i wanted to attend because i was not ready to move away and to step out of my comfort zone. Since I have attended college for almost a year, none of those would have been an obstacle of deciding what school to attend. I would tell myself that there would be no pressure, you get to make your own set schedule, and you dont have people (teachers) trying to control you. So there would be nothing to worry about in the college life and making the transition because going to college is phenominal compared to high school, for those reasons.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing I would tell myself is that college is not as hard as everyone says. I would tell myself that making the transition is not that difficult, and that even though is very stressful, it?s worth it. Another thing I would tell myself to do is to apply to different scholarships and awards available, and I would inform myself better about Financial Aid and the ways to pay for school. But the most important thing I would tell myself is to not miss the opportunities to apply to different schools out of fear of being rejected. I would tell myself to not pass up all the good opportunities I did, and to just go for it!


I would tell myself to take more academic classes and go to college immediately after high school. Don't wait because the longer you do the harder it is.


The advice that I would give to myself as a high school senior would be to be more involved in extra-curricular activities and to be more involved in community events and organizations. It would have helped out a lot more to have had more references to list on college and acholarship applications. I would also advise myself to take to SAT and ACT before I graduate, because those tests are look at more now than they were then to get into state universities and colleges.


I would tell myself that it isn't as hard as everyone is telling you it is. The coolest thing about college is that you can set your own schedule. The worst part is the cost. The advice I would give would be this: think about what you wanna major in and search for any scholarships available now so you can reduce the cost and/or amount of loans you might have. Get classes that start around 9am and try to end them all each day by 1 or 2. Actually study and don't goof off too much because you are paying for this. Whether or not this class counts, the grade you get in this class effects your gpa, and you may need a certain gpa later for scholarships or grants. Basically, just start now, and be prepared. Know what's going on and do what needs to be done to help you succeed.


If I had the chance to go back to my senior year to give myself an advice, I would most definitely apply for every financial aid help that was available to me. If I've chosen to do so, I could have been less stress financially and coud have completed more classes. Not only that, I could earned money to become an independet young adult with her own household. Though, because I chosed to do the exact opposite, I have personally experienced how much of a greater resposibility it is for a person like myself to earn enough money for something as important as college education; while being dependent of others to have a successful adulthood.


Don't underestimate college and think that it will be easier than high school. You can easily fall behind if you don't keep up with your studies. But most importantly do not take time off, this is a mistake that will put you behind easily, and after taking a semester off, another semester does not seem like a big deal, before you know it you are behind two years.


The major advice I would give myself now is to study harder and get better grades. Maybe then I wouldn't be stuck without a Bright Futures scholarship and worrying about money. College truly is expensive and I would do anything to go back and work harder for my grades to get the financial relief. My friends will always be there for me when I need them and spending one night a week with them is sufficient enough to not conflict with my studies and still know who's dating or hating who. I would tell myself that I am the only one who can push myself to become a better student. I would work hard and not develop "senioritis" because that was everyones major downfall.


I would tell myself not to get lazy. Though four years can go by swiftly, you still need to stay focused so that you can attain the goals that you've set for yourself. Try to keep a full time course load through all your semesters so you don't get behind, and lastly, don't use that fact that you CAN withdrawal from a class as a reason to not give 110% to every assignment you have!


I walk into my old homeroom class to find no one but myself doodling on a piece of paper filled with college applications. I grab a chair and pull it to my right side. I begin to speak to my younger self ," I don't have much time". " I need you to keep focus in school and go through the process of scholarship applications as soon as you can". College is not as easy as you might think, it is your future you need to take full oppurtunity of. You will have to learn to balance your time with school ,work and friends. Don't let anyone get in your way of your dreams. Look at your list of goals in your yellow notebook. Follow them as you get through each semester as a college student. Remember number six, become a nurse. Those high credit classes might stress you out but just remember to study. Study every hour you are in class that day. Review your notes before you get to class. you can achieve anything", future me saids. As I begin to dissapear I hear the most heart-warming words, thank you.


I wish I had done alittle more research about college and applied for the Hope Scholarship. I would have also told myself to not let anything stand in my way. If I had told myself I am going to start after graduation I would be done with my degree and probably very successful today. I am now doing what I should have done then and although I wish I could have started earlier, I have no major regrets. I am more mature and aware of all life's challenges.


When you enter college, make sure you have your goals in mind. Always do what you want to do. Never get stuck in the wrong crowd because they will just bring you down. Focus on school, and making sure everything is paid off. After high school, you are adjusting to the changes of becoming an independent adult. Try not to depend on your parents anymore because it is time for you to be an adult. You cannot be a full time student and a full time worker. Choose one, and preferrably, choose school. Finish school.

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