Florida SouthWestern State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school Edison State College - Charlotte Campus is involved. Great staff


THe best thing at my school is the people and how helpful they are.


First I have to say that I attend Hodges University in Naples, Florida but that option wasn't available so I had to pick Edison instead so i could continue with the survey. The best thing about Hodges is that every professor their has years of experience in the field that they are teaching to the students, so with their experience, you actually have more depth in learning your field. Anyone can teach theory, but to have professors that can teach what they have learned in their years of experience in the field is more valuable to me than anything.


The teachers and staff. Because most students going to Edison are trying to tranfer to a better school, they really try and help you succeed and encourage good habits. Their efforts go unnoticed by most but i notice them and am very happy they do such a good job.


They have a SOAR program that helps students through their difficulties. For example if you have a hard time in math they sit down and help you with what issues you might have. It is very helpful for me because I have difficulty in so parts of english compisition.


Honestly, the best thing about my school is the price od tutition and the variety of night classes that are offered. I work full time and trying to go school is hard. I am under 24 and I am unable to recieved financial aide, and most of the scholarships I am not eligible for.


The best thing about my school is the accessability. I live an hour from school, but when I am there it feels like I'm states away from where I live. The people are from all different walks of life, and the professors are from different places in America. It's a perfect blend of people, all in one sunny state!


The best thing is the smaller classes and the easy access to the professors. They also offer a lot of assistance for returning students or continuing education students.


The class sizes; This college really has great classes with a small amount of students. You are able to get the attention you need to succeed and the teachers are the best in the area.


I consider the best things about my school to be the small class size, the many activities that they offer although it's such a small campus. In turn it's a higher possibilty that you have more of a personal relationship with the faculty and Dean who walks around campus on a regular basis saying hello to everyone. My school takes great pride in the increase in enrollment and degree programs that are offered.

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