Florida State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The professors are inclredibly knowledgable and helpful. I feel completely comfrotable with them and I enjoy going to class and listening to lecture. They make class interesting and exciting and the environment assists in creative learning. The students are excited to be here and gaining the best education possible is a priority for students and profesors alike.


When I talk about my school I tell them that I go to a school with a diverse population where the atmosphere is fantastic with great sports, recreational activities, and clubs for all students no matter what their interests may be.


Florida State University's academic programs are phenomenal all around. It's nice to be surrounded by so many academic options, and feels secure in knowing that all of them are of high quality. I never feel afraid to try a class in a different program than my own; I am also never disappointed with the value of education in that class.


All of the oppurtunities available to me. From International Programs to the gym, from the tutoring center to the Rez (recreational lake), there's so much here for me and my fellow classmates.


I brag about the incredible educational opportunities my school makes available for myself and other students. I also brag about how beautiful our campus is and how developed every department of our school is in order to make our college experience the best it can be.


I brag to my friends about the overall experience. Going to a school where your football team won the national championship for football really boosted team spirit. Florida state students as a whole are very proud to say they go to school here. The atmosphere surrounding this amazing school is unbeatable.


I brag about how massive and beautiful the campus is. The first day I visited, I thought I was at Hogwarts. The architectural layout of the buildings is so archaic yet modern looking that it literally feels like a castle, and we, the student body, are the kings and queens.


Much school spirit and much to do on the weekends. Great school for education along with good social settings


We have han an undefeated football team for two years now.


When I tell my friends about my school, I mostly brag about how the campus, as a whole, helps me become a better person. I have grown tremendously in the short amount of time that I have been enrolled at Florida State.


Although I do not condone bragging, the first item on my "brag list" would have to be the the physical appearance of Florida State. Our campus is old, yet breathtaking. The buildings are charming, the trees are full and glorious, the walkways are covered with superior accolades, and there is a feeling of security. It is almost as if I never left home. The atmosphere is loving. I do not feel judged. I feel like I belong here, like I am with my Seminole family.


The amount of school spirit we have and the wonderful academics.


The education program is excellent. All of my professors have been extremely helpful and have provided me with help whenever I have requested it.


Great small town feel, just the right size, surrounded by good food, very easy to fit into (comfortable).


That it has a great academic programs and a circus!


The best parts of FSU are found in its history, in the stories woven into the very red brick framework of our campus, and the sense of fellowship and community that can be found with students and alumni who you may have never met before but share strong ties with nevertheless. Even better is the overwhelming sense that no matter your part, you too are contributing to that rich history and are leaving your mark through the myriad of leaderaship and volunteer oppurtunities available to students on campus.


I brag about how wonderful the atmosphere is. No matter what is happening on campus, you can tell everyone is genuinely happy to be there. At Florida State, even though it is a huge school, it maintains the same feeling of a small school. Inside of your major, you get to know everyone close to you. Students respect each other and help others, even if they are not friends at the moment.


The rush of campus exicitement! My campus offers several activities for any and every thing! They have a phenomenal understanding about college student struggles so they make it worth our while with all types of give-a-ways including: 100 page food coupon books, clothing items, planners, ready-made monogramed cups, free massages for final exam time, etc !!!


Florida State University has the best campus, in my opinion. The set up is amazing, convienent and always beautifully kept.


I love how compact Florida State's campus is. Campus is almost like a big bubble in the center of Talahassee and students can get to any part of campus without crossing a street or walking by a main road. This set up makes me feel safer when walking back to my dorm at night.


I am actually a Florida State Golden Girl, which is FSU's dance team. So, when it comes to my conversation with my friends, I am always bragging about our school spirit. I am a firm believer that you must believe and enjoy the school you atten or your college expierence will not be all that you hope. I am in love with my choice of school and feel at home.


All the opportunties that are available to me here. From research to volunteer work, there is always something to be passion about here at FSU. I've had the opportunity to be invovled with research (conducting my honor thesis), volunteer work (being a group site leader for two spring break trips), internship at FWC, and I will be a Freshmen Interest Group leader in the fall which consist of teaching a group of freshmen about FSU. There is also a strong sense of community especially during football season.


There are some departments that have truly been helpful in helping me at the university especially during difficult times. Departments like victims advocate who don't recieve enough credibility or funding for the wonderful work they do. I also am in love with the family that is built through the housing institution. While not perfect the constant check ins and concern really makes an individual feel connected to this otherwise very self sustaining school and gives you a home environment which is not easily otherwise found on campus aside from greek life.


When I tell my friends about my college the main thing that I refer to them is the atmosphere of school pride, the football and basketball games, and the wonderful course of academics and exposure I recieve based on my major which is Computer Science.


Our 2014 BCS National Championship. Florida State University are the new National Champions in football, which is a great reason to brag given the importance of football in this nation. FSU also has an amazing professor rating overall in private websites, where we have caring and absolutely entertaining professors in every field of study.


I tend to boast to all my friends that Florida State University looks like Hogwarts with the architectural work that is on campus. I also love telling them how great the environment is and how friendly everyone is to one another.


I find that Wartburg students are kind, friendly, and family oriented. Students here are diverse and care about their education. I brag most about the number of friends I have at Wartburg since the time I arrived at school.


We're national champions.


FSU Football!


There is something here for everyone. Whether you like to drink, go to the movies, play board game or just read this school is the place for you.


The fact that we have an amazing football team AND great academics!


That we have an amazing football team and that my school is always giving out free stuff. The school has excellent resources to accelerate skills and offers many opportunites


When I brag about my school, I always say how wonderful the people surrounding me are. Everyone is friendly, polite and willing to help you in just about any way possible. It's so refreshing and touching that some of these people barely know me, yet they take their time to actually get to know me and be there for me, considering we all have one thing in common-- our school. Students, professors, parents, alumni-- it's such a great alliance with all these people and I'd hate to miss it. Also, how many helpful resources everyone has here!


For me I mostly brag about the surroundings. The school is beautiful old-school brick, which I love. As well, for being in Florida, its not super hot or humid all the time, but so far it hasn't been super cold either. So both the brick buildings and the weather, walking around campus is wonderful. I also tend to brag about how FSU has a circus, bowling alley, and music club all on campus.


It has helped me find who I am, it allows me to be myself and embrace my personality and values. I have met so many people that have influenced me in so many positive ways and it has affected my college career. It is an environment geared towards academics but also allows one to have the college experience. It has completely changed my life and I am so thanful to attend this university.


The school spirit on our campus is unlike any other. The campus is beautiful since all the buildings are made out of brick.


Florida State University always has activities to suit all students at all times of the day (and the year!) No matter our interests or schedules, there is always great opportunities lurking around the corner for us to take advantage of, whether they are social or academic! Florida State gives you endless opportunities to better yourself as a person and as a scholar.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag about the school spirit - I tell them about how many people wear FSU Nole shirts everyday. I tell them how we have some very intelligent people who spend their whole day in the library. I always brag about our beautiful campus too, because we have one of the nicest campuses that I've ever seen. Whenever I tell my friends about my school, I brag about the fact that we are one of the best schools in Florida. I could go on and on about my school.


How beautiful my school is


Everyone at Florida State is so friendly and inclusive. Its so easy to get conected and make friends.


Honestly, I don't brag about FSU. My experience there was pretty horrible. Few professors acutally cared about the future or well-being of theis students. Academic advisors did everything but advise and they made it nearly impossible to make an appointment with them. I never discovered many of the benefitial programs (getting a BA and MFA simultaneously or research programs) until I was already gradutated. It was pretty horrible.


When I talk to my friends about FSU, I talk about our fantastic foreign language program (can you tell that I am a foreign language major?) and how beautiful our campus is. There really isn't a single other college in Florida I would rather be attending.


When I tell my friends about FSU, the first thing that I brag about is the beautiful, well taken care of campus. The building and grounds of FSU is so clean and very well kept. I brag about how high they set the standard for students so we can push ourselves to be the best we can be. The faculty and professors help motivtate us and keep us on track and really, truly want to see us succeed!


I often brag about the campus and weather. Campus is currently in its most ideal state right now. Temperatures range from 50 to 60 degrees and the brick buildings and beautiful trees make walks to class not only enjoyable but relaxful. Something one truly grows to appreciate.


When telling my friends about my school the thing I brag most about is our Football team and our school spirit. I believe that we have a great football team and not a lot of schools can compare to it. As well as how much school spirit the students attending my school have. As Seminoles everyone is always ready to cheer for our team win or lose. This is something that truly makes the college experience such a great one.


When I talk to friends and family about Florida State University I brag the most about all of the different extra-curricular activities we have on campus available to students. We have over 500 clubs and organizations that students can consider joining. I feel very strongly about campus involvement and one of my main goals is to get as many people involved with what they are passionate about as possible. We have such an amazing and diverse campus that there are always new people to meet who you can make long lasting relationships with.


It's one of the top leading school in research.


I am always very boastful about the feel of Florida State as well as its academic and athletic prowess. The environment here at Florida State is inviting and educating, with a diversity of people and opportunity in all realms of life. Its academic and athletic reputation precedes itself, but the society and character here at FSU are as noteworthy. Florida State isn’t all about how the school can excel in all aspects, but how the student can excel in all aspects, nothing is above that here.


My university offers a wide range of majors and minors not to mention the friendly environment and helpful professors together with unique, talented students at every turn, making the university a place full of possibility, rich with facilities and opportunites to fulfill our goals and dreams. Just attending the Florida State University's orientation inspired me tenfold, showing me that we can truly achieve what we set out to do and education is just our ticket to the real world and one step towards making history. Go 'Noles!


I tell my friends every detail I can! I love my school(Florida state's) campus, it closely resembles Harry Potter's Hogwarts. I also tell them how fantastic our housing is, all rooms come with a bed, desk, dresser, mini-fridge, sink, mirror and trash bin! I tell my friends about the many activites offered from free current movies and one dollar bowling all on campus ! In short the school is awesome and the people are super friendly.