Florida State University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to go to this school because I thought that it would be the most beneficial for me in what career I want to pursue. After I get my undergraduate degree, I would like to go to law school then practice law in Florida. These goals in mind, the state capitol of Florida was the perfect option as to where to study. Florida State has a very strong political science program, which is what I wanted to major in, and a top rated law school. The institution has endless opportunities within the state government for students to intern and volunteer, which is perfect for gaining experience and building a strong resume for law school. The other main reason I chose this school was for its marching band program. All of my high school years were devoted band and the FSU Marching Chiefs is one of the very best marching bands in the country that I am very proud to be a part of.


They are one of the only schools with a first generation program. The campus is also beautiful and has amazing sports.


I saw the campus and fell in love. I loved the experience and the feeling of belonging.


I chose to go to FSU because of its location. I love that I can come home on the weekends (although its a long drive, but only takes about 45 minutes by plane) but still be independent and experience college on my own. I loved the campus when I visited. I loved all the trees and brick buildings, and the fact that you get to experience all four seasons. When I came to visit, the atmosphere of the school attracted me instantly and I knew it was the school for me.


Florida State was not my top choice, I applied on a whim because I liked some of the programs offered (like the exploratory major option). I had never visited the campus and had only seen a few pictures. I did get into my top school but decided it was to expensive to go out of state narrowing it down to UF and FSU. I had visited the UF campus, but didn't really like it, so I chose FSU. I was scared because everyone says don't make a decision without visiting the campus, I was going against what many people said. My first time on campus was for Orientation in June, those two days I was here, confirmed for me and my mom that I had made the right choice and I have not once regretted my decision. Once classes started knew FSU was my home away from home.


I am a Floridian and wanted to stay within sunny Florida and at the same time, be far from home to gain the full college experience. Another reason, was the fact that my school is in the capitol of Florida where many opportunities in interning, and future careers reside. It is also a beautiful brick campus! Something I was not used to seeing everyday!


I love FSU and I chose to attend the college because of the great academics and open arms it provides for its students. Everyone is always welcoming and nice to each other on campus, it is nothing compared to high school. Everyone has the chance to be individuals and make an impact on the school and the community. The school is so large and offers so many different opportunities, all we as students really have to do is choose.


I decided to go to this school because it let me pay in state tuition for a school that is close to being out of state. If you live in the state of Florida, Tallahassee is very different that most Florida cities. It has hills, weather changes, and seems much more like a city from up north.


I decided to go to this school because it let me pay in state tuition for a school that is close to being out of state. If you live in the state of Florida, Tallahassee is very different that most Florida cities. It has hills, weather changes, and seems much more like a city from up north.


I really enjoyed the campus from the first time I visited. I had seen two other schools and did not like either of them.


Proximity to home, good value, and good academics.


This is in no particular order, but the reasons for choosing FSU... 1) you can't beat in-state tuition. 2) the psychology program at FSU is great 3) I was able to run cross country here 4) I was just far enough from home to where I wouldn't be tempted to go back for free laundry every weekend, but just close enough to make it easy to get home for the holidays.


In high school, I couldn't wait to leave home, and Florida State was about as far away as I could get from Miami while staying in the state. Now that I've been here for two years I wish it was a little closer to home, but I'm very happy here.


I decided to go to FSU because the English department had the best fit for the career I want. At the time I was considering a career in strict journalism but I felt the major wouldn't meet some of my other interests in creative writing and working with new media. The Editing, Writing and Media major here at FSU felt right to me. FSU was also very within my price range when it came to tuition and my scholarships. I also wanted to move somewhere away from my hometown so I could have an unique university experience and Tallahassee seemed like the right city for that.


I decided to go to FSU because the campus is absolutely beautiful! In addition, the history and tradtion associated with FSU makes any student want to continue the Seminole legacy! Tallahassee is a great city to live and students exude nothing but kindness and respect!


I had heard great things about FSU before coming here. It has great programs and is relatively cheap when compared to other universities.


The first reason I decided to attend Florida State University was because it was in-state, and I had a Bright Futures scholarship. But that, of course, was not the only reason! I found the campus to be extremely appealing, and Tallahassee is a great college town. The school has a lot of rich history and school spirit as well!


I really liked that it was still instate yet far from my hometown of Miami. I also like the school spirit and old style of the campus buildings. The faculty seemed nice and welcoming. I pretty much always knew I would end up here amongst other schools in state.


The area was a nice change from what I was used to, and I was very attracted to the school spirit here.


Florida State was always my first choice school. This is one of the top schools in the state and that prestige really intrigued me. I also liked that i got to have a real college experience in my state, but still independent from home.


It was the only one I got into. But every day since I've been in Tallahassee I get happier and happier with my decision.


Probably the bigger reason was because my dad went to FSU for his Master's, and it's Seminole Mania all the time at my house. I'm not much for football, but I applied to FSU to prove to myself (and my dad) that I was smart enough, intelligent enough, AWESOME enough to get into one of the best schools in the country (my last year of high school I had to raise my GPA from a 2.0 to a 3.0 to graduate with honors). FSU also happened to be one of the best in the country for my first major, Theatre. Even when I switch to doubling with Creative Writing and Classical Civilizations, both of those departments turned out to be the best in the country. Overall, there was no other choice for me.


As soon as I stepped foot on Florida State's campus I knew it was where I belonged. Being from south Florida, I wasn't used to the hills, the actual change in seasons, and the different greenery found in Tallahassee. The brick buildings were beautiful and the size of the school was big enough that I felt like I wouldn't have to run into anyone if I didn't want to, but still small enough that running from class to class wouldn't be an issue. I was looking for a new beginning for myself and felt that Florida State was the best place for me to do that and experience something new.


My high school was brand new and I didn't get to experience the tradition of a football team or learn the meaning of alumni. When I visited Florida State, all I could see was how well the school kept their traditions alive and how important alumni were to the school. I knew it was a place I would love for way more then the 4 years of being there as a student. I'll forever be a Seminoles fan!


Originally, I ended up at FSU because I did not get accepted to UF. But now, I couldn't be happier. From what I've heard of UF everyone is very competitive there. FSU is a great place to get a quality education but still have an amazing college experience. I am so thankful that I ended up at FSU I don't think I would have had as good of an experience anywhere else as I have here.


The school is full of traditions and community unity. In the fall, football games are part of the student's life on the weekends. There are downtown get downs for everyone that is in Tallahassee. In the spring there is a huge event called The Big Event for students to serve the Tallahassee area. In between all of this, festivals, events, parties, and much more take place.This really demonstrates that FSU is a place to live, study and grow.


I felt at home here. That's the easiest way to describe it. I'm from Pensacola, which is a very southern town in Florida. I'm used to being in a place saturated by history and tradition, and FSU gave that to me. It's a huge community in an intimate setting. I thought I didn't want to go to a "football school," but one day in Doa Stadium had me hooked. Florida State has a spirit that permeates every student, faculty member, and building. It's addictive. Also, the English department seduced me. The opportunities it affords are endless and I couldn't wait to be a part of the new Editing, Writing, and Media major. The fact that FSU is also less than a 3 hour drive from my hometown and therefore is covered by Bright Futures didn't hurt either.


I decided to go to Florida State University not only for the school's academic reputation, but also the amazing atmosphere. I feel a strong sense of school spirit that is competitive with other schools, but the competition never hits a nasty level as I feel it does at schools such as UF.


I decided to go to FSU because they have an amazing liberal arts program. FSU is the only school in Florida that gives Creative Writing as an actual major. All other schools provide Creative Writing minors, which really has no help for me. But other than the English department, which was home to many well known authors today, the other liberal arts programs are top not only in the state, but in the country. The FSU College of Music, for example, is top 12 in the country in musical performance and top 3 for music education. The audition process for the school of music is very competitive because the school is a very popular hot spot for musicians in all types of genres. The school of Dance is also nationally ranked.


When it came to making a decision about choosing where to go for college, I was torn between UM and FSU. I knew both were amazing schools for what I wanted to major in, but I just didn't think I could decide. Once I was accepted to FSU, I was then able to go on a tour of the school just for accepted students, called preview. Preview is pretty much what caused me to choose FSU over UM, and everything that has followed afterwards only reassures me further that I chose the right school. While at preview, I fell in love with the campus. It was so beautiful! People were everywhere too. To me, it was like how a college should be. I also learned about a wide variety of different ways to get involved on campus and all of the fun clubs they have here, but in the end, it was my gut instinct about the school that made me choose. You'll know you're future home when you see it. Trust your gut, but don't neglect to find out about all of the opportunities available to you at a school.