Fontbonne University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend Fontbonne University is someone open and willing to learn.


A prosective student for Fontbonne University should be focused, determined, and ready for the highest education experence. The one on one attention, the small class settings and the willingness to asst by all faculity and staff, are just a few of the amenaties that Fontbonne has to offer. This University is looking for a wide diversity of cultuers and backgrounds, in prosective students. The person that cannot find and outstanding experence at Fontbonne , could not be looking to be successful ; that is Fontbonne, SUCCESS.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone that would rather have more one on one time with their professors and someone that likes a small environment. Fontbonne University is a small private unvierserity that is focused on providing students with the best education possible.


The kind of person that should attend is the people that have a wonderful personality, hard-worker, and a person who like to have fun in and out of the class room.


An outgoing indvidual who is mature and indepent, and easy going with diverse freinds.


Students looking to be close to home and not be lost in a classroom. Work hard and make sure you seek a very supportive advisor. If you are unhappy with your advisor find another one. Some one there is really there to help youi learn.


Someone who has grown up in a smaller school environment will definitely feel in the right place. People who are interested in getting involved and having a lot of unique opportunities that you can't experience at a huge school will definitely be happy with the choice they've made. It isn't the most academically challenging school, but I still think that I'm receiving a quality education.