Fordham University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Fordham is best known for pairing a Jesuit Education with high acheiving careers. Fordham strives to instill Jesuit ideals, such as service and community, to create well-rounded students that can make the world a better place. Although a student may be studying Finance, the school requires he or she take philosphy, religion and an art course to expose students to many different types of thinking and styles of learning.


the Little Italy of the Bronx is right down the street. The campus is very beautiful and has been the set of several movies. Vince Lombardi went to school there.


My school is best known for it's people. The students and faculty there are warm and welcoming. When I first arrived, the people were more than happy to show me the ropes and make sure that I transitioned into college well. The upperclassmen love to help out the lower classmen by getting to know them on a personal level as well as volunteer through the school with orientation programs. The classes are small, too, so teachers get to know their students and develop close bonds with them. They are always willing to help students and talk.


Fordham is best known for its programs in business and its liberal arts college, as well as its prime location in New York City.


Great everything


Our school is best known for business, NYC, and parties.


Fordham College At Lincoln Center is known for its diversity, acceptance of all, it's Dance program, the handy location of its campus, and its variety of majors.


Fordham is known ifor ts Jesuit teaching, sense of community and location.


College of Business Administration getting students good jobs etc etc


My school is best known for being a top national Jesuit university. Providing a strong Jesuit "core" education.


Solid Academics and Falculty, but a lot of wealthy kids who don't take advantage of it.




Fordham is a drinking school,with a Jesuit problem.


New Yor City's Jesuit University


Fordham University is best known as being the Jesuit University of New York. It provides its students with a firm knowledge of the Jesuit tradition while educating them in the field of their choice. Fordham gives its students an excellent education while also creating well rounded individuals.


Fordham is best known for its business school, the College of Business Administration. It is also known for its famous football alumni, Lombardi.


Our school is best known for its strong academic reputation in both the Liberal Arts and Business School. The Fordham Law School and other repuatable graduate programs. Also our campus in city but has a beautiful suburban feel. The campus is a train ride away from Manahattan. The opportunities and activities to participate in are endless. It is a fairly diverse campus and people are friendly and open to others who are of from different backgrounds. Service , volunteer work and extracurricular activities and highly encouraged.


drinking, catholicism, campus