Fordham University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is between the food and some of the surronding area. The food here often has not to many options and isn't very good. Some of the food workers are nice, but many of them are rude. Parts of the surronding area is nice, but it can also be very dangerous.


The worst thing about the school has been the food options, which I will admit is a huge push factor. Currently, the options are slim and are meant to be more supplementary to a life that revolves around the independence of grocery shopping and eating out in the city. Since housing comes with a kitchen, the opportunity to cook is there-- it's just big change to get in the habit of. Food options within the school ensure low-calorie options and well-rounded meals, just with very little variety.


The food. It seems superficial, but food becomes very important if you're living on your own. I go to the Manhattan campus, so I have a kitchen and the additional option of cooking for myself - but first of all, groceries are extremely expensive in the city, and cooking a meal when you have papers upon papers to write proves a daunting task. Fordham food isn't good - it's expensive, and there are very little choices. Yes, you are in the city, but if you're not made of money you can't go out to eat everyday.




Food stinks bc the choices aren't great.


Some of the students don't take advantage of Manhantan enough- all the museums, shows, etc.


It has two distinct campuses, which creates at times a disjointed sense of unity. One campus tends to be favored over the other.


By far the worst aspect of Fordham is the university dining. The cafeteria has many varieties every day, but very low quality. After about a month it becomes very monotonous. Sadly, the other food choices on campus are not very good either. The compony that runs food services (Sodexo) does not seem concerned at all with customer satisfaction or quality employees. When complaints are made about specific employees or foods, there is little results. However, the amazing choices that surround the campus in the community make up for the food on campus.


The worst thing about my school is the food service and quality. In the beginning of each semester, it starts out at a mediocre quality but passable nonetheless. As they near closer to the end of each term, they start rationing food by ending breakfast 15 minutes earlier, handing out smaller portions, or closing the entire cafeteria before the already outrageously early hour of 8pm on weekdays and 7pm on weekends.


The cafeteria is not so great.


The worst thing is not enough financial aid, and not enough grants and scholarships. I also wish there was more school spirit and we had good sports teams. I also want the interiors of the beautiful gothic style buildings to be just as nice as the outside.


The worst thing about Fordham is its Financial Aid. I did not receive any sort of aid, which would have been extremely helpful when taking into consideration the tuition alone runs about forty thousand a year.


Some of the people were clicky and very well-off. Hughes Hall had 4 people living in each room as freshman and that was a terrible experience as a female. Also, there is not a lot of school spirit.


I think the food could be a little better but it isn't bad.


not diverse


The cafeteria is really not that good, and it's very expensive. Considering the cuisine we're surrounded with in New York City, Fordham at Lincoln Center campus (my school) should raise it's standards. PS: This survey didn't give me an option for choosing Fordham at Lincoln Center (in Manhattan, which is where I go), just the Bronx campus. All my questions are geared towards my campus , however.


The advisors and administration are atrocious. The school is a corruptly run business.


The staff and faculty are horrible and completely uninterested in helping students


Mostly I've really enjoyed my experience at Fordham. So, the only thing I really dislike is the food. It's pretty terrible, but there are a couple places on campus that're all right. The food in the Bronx and the city, on the other hand, is awesome (especially on Arthur Ave).


Nobody cares about the school or the community in which we live in.


There is no greek life.


The cafeteria, conservative religious values that do not allow opposite sex to sleep over or attain birth contraol at the health center.


Night life because it is so distracting and so hard to turn down.


Location inteh city makes it easy to get distracted with soical life and spend a lot of money.


No sororities or fraternities. Not many organizations outside of sports or business. Very minimal housing.


Living off campus.