Fordham University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There is a lack of diversity among the student body.


There are two things. First, financial aid. I earned a full tuition scholarship to this school, as well as outside scholarships, and yet it is extremely difficult for me to get Fordham to recognize this aid. I am constantly arguing with the office. In addition, the core is extremely strict. It is geared towards english and history majors, and very few of my extremely high AP grades were accepted as placement.


The most frustrating about my campus is the cafeteria. Of course, that much is to be expected since it definitely is not your mother's cooking. Everything is overpriced and you have to buy items indiviually.


Financial Issues. It's too expensive. Otherwise I love it here.




A lot of the students are upper middle class white suburban students in the city for the first time. They are naive and misinformed and unwilling to change in the beginning, but learn sloowly the values of interacting with people different from themselves. The Bronx helps them learn and develop in this way.


The No Tolerance drug and disobedience policies, they breed intolerance and ignorance.


the hypocritical nature of school staff when it comes to issues regarding homosexuality. the subtle run around given to students who are in need of extra financing.


finals not enough places to study in the library


At times I am frustrating with the performance of some professors who seem not into there job and it is reflected in their teaching style. Also I wasn't happy with my academic advisors, so I suggest that future students get to know your advisors early on in your academic career so you can plan your courses accordingly .


The people in charge of residential life


The Health Center, it really is horrible, the people, the "nurse practitioners", not to mention the fact that if your an athlete - I am a dancer and danced for the Fordham Dance Team for two years and was injured and was not authorized to be seen by a trainer - I THINK THAT IS BULLSHIT. I also hate our gym - its a peice of shit and everyone agrees. They are also super strict about on -campus drinking because of the Jesuit affiliation which is too traditional in my opinion.


I feel as though much of our financial budget is poorly spent. Instead of hiring a popular music act for our Spring Weekend, the money could be spent to improve the economic-efficiency of our school and to make other sustainable investments. Futhermore, I would venture to say that 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students are extremely dissatisfied with the quality of food provided by Sodexo as well as the poor gym facilities.


Our on-campus food is very expensive and our on-campus housing is very expensive. However, both of these two problems could be fixed with better management. Our college of business is one of the best in the country... why can't we hire better business poeple to run our own campus?


Housing lottery, registration for classes


They are very strict in their Jesuit ways.


The most frustrating thing about Fordham is the long commute for students who don't dorm or live in The Bronx.


no diversity, too cliquey


Administrative Red Tape