Fort Hays State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


At first, a professor has issues remembering names unless you stand out, most of them will know your name in the first two weeks. I study pretty often as an accounting major it is a lot of homework. I would say the learning is both for learning and towards getting a job. We have a really good careers services program.


I would say that most teachers to learn the students by name. I would say class attendance requirement is about half and half. With general education classes some students will have in class quizzes so you should probably attend class, some classes take attendance, and some classes don't. Once you get into a program here I would say attendance is required. I am in Radiology and it is a tough program here at Fort Hays but well worth it! We spend a lot of time with our professors. The only downfall to this program is it has a little harder grading scale, it is a 6 point grading scale instead of a 10 point. Fort Hays tries hard in every program to help you find a job once you finish school.