Fort Valley State University Top Questions

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What I consider to be unique about my school is that it was founded by 15 black men and 3 white (total of 18). I consider it unique because Fort Valley is a Historically Black College/University and white men helped to found the school, to further the education of blacks.


My university is a historically black university. It is located in a mostly rural community in a very small city. There is not much around besides the school which is great for someone who loves to study and also someone who loves to party. There is always something to do as long as you know people who aren't boring.


Well for starters its a Historicly Black College and the sheer prestige of that is daughting seeing that my first choice was The Art institute of Atlanta which is basiclly and private institution but it doesn't compare to Fort Valley State University. The University of Georgia was also one of my choices but I settled on Fort Valley for the closeness of the students, teachers, and the staff overall. Its almost as thought everyone actually cares whether or not you are successful and that is a bonus when compared to some of the larger universities in the United States.


I feel that our biology and agricultural departments are the best departments. The professors have a relationshis with the students and mentor the students very well.


We have an extremely large amount of school spirit.


Our school in the second biggest campus in Georgia.


that it is smaller and in a rural area


Our stem program is a very good program. It really gets the students involved in research. The president really tries to communicate with the students and asks for our opinion.