Fort Valley State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you have an interest in Agriculture, we have one of the best AG programs in the country. We also have a CDEP program that assist Math, Science, Engineering majors to pursure their undergrad degree in three years, and masters at a top university in two. Students that enjoy meeting a diverse group of students should also attend. In addition, people who want a outlook on life, career opportunities, a devoted heart to their school, and those who are goal-oriented should attend this school.


The type of person that would attend this school is a very sociable perosn. Networking is very easy to do here because the people here are extremely friendly! Also if you like community and family based settings this school is perfect. Even though the campus is growing, the numbers are still small enough to maintain a very family oriented atmosphere. It's like a family away from home environment. Open minded individuals would fit in easily as well. Though Fort Valley State University is and HBCU there are other ethnicities, religions, and lifestyles that attend.


People that are of african decent. People that would not mind being in the country. Anyone that would appreciate being secluded from everything and everyone. Also students with no interest in the medical field, especially nursing.


Only people who are driven to accel, nothing is handed to you. You definitely work for your degree.




Although most colleges are referred to as "Party Schools?, because of its small town and dull surroundings, it is definitely wise for a student to be focused and dedicated in order to attend this institution. It is very easy to go astray for school work and career goals. There is an awful lot of partying and socializing that goes on here. However, if you come to this school with a centered mind and strong willed, you are sure to enjoy the Fort Valley experience.


Anykind; whether you're outgoing or quiet, there's a lot of activities you can get into.


The kind of people i think should attend this school are people who enjoy having a small classroom settings, being involved in school activities and meeting a variety of people.


An african american that likes to networking because at this school it is not what you know but who you know.


There isn't a type of person that should attend this school. Fort Valley State University welcome everyone with open arms. This school is very easy to adapt to, the staff work with you to make sure you are comfortable and situated. So anyone would be able to fit in at this school.


closed minded people who don't really want to learn mroe about other races should attend here. I didn't think it would be like this before I came here, but since I found out that it's a HBCU, I don't want to attend it anymroe


The person should be prepared to be academically challenged. A person who can displayed a positive attitude and who is willing to have strong leadership skills.


Any one who wants to get the all around college experince. They get the education, have lots of fun, and grow into the adult you are supposed to become.