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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


"Life is like the waves at the beach...they come and go, so i say this: times will get rough, whether it's over a boy, having problems with friends, or going through tough times with your family. Things do get better. I know you take things to heart, and you let your world fall apart when things happen. Just stay with it, and no matter what don't quit school (or anything you wish to accomplish). When life happens, and you can't concentrate in school, find someone you can talk to, so you can vent. Because, once you cannot concentrate in school, you'll see your grades drop, and you'll want to drop classes because you can't make the grade. Soon, you will find yourself working minimum wage jobs, and you are not very happy. It takes awhile to get back on our feet, so let's skip all this and swim against the waves of life."


If I could turn back the hands of time and revist my senior year of high school to transition myself for college I definetly would. My senior year was a blessing and filled with joy because I graduated a year early than I was suppose to. I was popular for being head cheerleader and known for being the girl who went from tenth grade to twelth grade. Instead of keeping up with history, progressing my algebra skills, and introducing my brain to studies that might benefit me with my major! Being head cheerleader required a lot of practice and senior parties. I was so caught up in being popular at my school that studying for college and preparing my brain for all the obstacles and trials never crossed my brain not even once! All I knew my senior year was that I was accepted into a university and that my parents were proud! Which is what most seniors care about during their senior year; but trying to study a little more often not only for my self but for my field of study as well is what I shoud've added to my list of care abouts!