Francis Marion University Top Questions

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I think the most unique thing about Francis Marion University is how much history that the school has. There are so many interesting facts that I learned about this university in my three years of attending. When I first enrolled I did not do any research on the school but being there and interacting with other students you learn a lot.


There isn't really anything that is unique about my school. I would say that I like the small campus size but sometimes I wish it was bigger. I would love to see my school get a football team but I don't know if that is ever going to happen. I like that my school has tutoring in the evening. That is very helpful when you can get help later in the day on something, when you feel like doing it, other then getting help earlier in the day just to catch your teacher in there office.


I don't know how fs gets ranked so well.


something unique would have to be the classroom size. Also the acredidation in the field that i want to work in.


The thing that I would say that is unique about Francis Marion University compared to other schools I considered is that the teacher student ratio was small. At Francis Marion University the teacher student ratio is no more than twenty to twenty five students to one professor. To me this allows the professor to be able to spread himself or herself around to the students.


I would have to say that the park-like atmosphere is the most unique thing i enjoy about the campus. In the fall, the smell of drying plants and the sound of crunching leaves fill the air. In the winter,should there be snow, its a beautiful blanket of white with the plants and buildings sparkling in the sunlight. In the spring there are birds and brightly colored flowers return to give the campus fairytale feel.


It's small and student have time to have one on one with their teacher.


What I consider to be unique about my school are the diverse ethnic groups and cultures coming together to make this world a better place.