Fresno Pacific University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is known for its excellent Liberal studies programs. It is also known for its small class sizes, and that it is a Christian College.


It is the major liberal arts school in the San Joaquin Valley. We have been told by bosses and companies that the graduates they hire have integrity and the knowledge and skills to do their job. Also, our women's volleyball team (won Nationals in NAIA).


Their teaching/education program and their volleyball team.


My school is known for it's community...there is a great focus on living in community with eachother and also in impacting the neighborhood around Fresno Pacific University. FPU is unlike many universities in California. It is situated in an impoverished Southeast Fresno and has become a positive influence in a part of town that many forget about. Many people shy away from the poor, urban neighborhood, but the students embrace the fact that FPU is a little pocket of hope in the midst of darkness. Fresno Pacific is also known for many programs including Business and Liberal Arts.


the morals and values