Fresno Pacific University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Fresno Pacific University? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the small pool. The pool is really small, so if a lot of people want to swim then it gets crowded.


For me, the worst is only the distance to participate in school activities and events. I attend night classes at the Bakersfield campus and the main campus is about 90 minutes north. While this is an inconvience, it is not insurmountable.


The worse thing about Fresno Pacific is the male to female ratio. There are like three girls to every guy on campus. Considering that that is the worst thing about FPU I guess I lucked out when it came to where I'm going for college.


i would say the worst thing about my school is the fact that i put my schedule together late so i have a 7:45am class and an 8am class. i live on campus so its not as bad as it could be if i was commuting. i love my school and the environment so there isnt much to complain about.


The worst thing would have to be that because FPU is such a small school, about 1000 undergrad, not every major is offered. There are over 60 majors, but that sometimes does not suffice for everyone. It is sad to see students transfer out of FPU when they love the school, but want to pursue a major that is not offered.


The worst thing about my school I'd have to say is that it doesn't have exactly what I want to study and major in. I want to major in Wildlife or Zoology, but the closet subject they have in Environmental Science. So I'm having to study global warming and all these political factors. It's not bad but I'd rather be studying animals and ecosystems.