Fresno Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Non-religious students who have apprehensive opinions of scripture being incorporated into education. Students not wanting school body involvement or motivation.


People who should not attend this school are people who are not motivated and responsible. I am going through a degree completion program which moves the students through classes at a faster pass with each class only being six weeks, so if they can not keep up the degree completion program that I am going through is not for them.


Someone who is not able to work hard and have self dicispline to complete school work on their own.


The school is centered on Christian beliefs and values and it is very evident in it's course-load. There are Atheists and other religiously affiliated students but it can get uncomfortable to have your studies always be connected to the Christian religion. A person wanting to see liberalism in social issues or in politics is probably not fit for FPU. Also, people who are looking for frats/sororities and partying.


A person who is very against the Christian religion should not attend this school because it is a Christian university. Faith is the foundation of much of the coursework, and any student that is against the Bible or the teachings of Jesus Christ may have a problem with some of the classes that are required, as well as the atmosphere the school has.


A person who is not open to the christian faith should not attend FPU.


If you are not dedicated to short term classes, then this is not the school for you because you must be motivated, disciplined and commited to accomplish much at an accelerated pace.


Anyone who really wants to can go to this school, different people take it different ways.


if you hate rules, living by rules, and people being up in your business this probably isnt the school for you.