Front Range Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Taking less expensive courses to transfer to a 4-year college.


Compared to the other Front Range campuses, the Boulder County campus has friendlier staff and students, better equipment, and more helpful services.


My school is best known for its helpfulness. Front Range has amazing teachers that are always willing to help, and awesome faculty. The students that go there are awesome as well, everyone is really friendly and wants to learn.


My school is best known for the range of education options and how it?s a great stepping stone for other places to go. It?s also known how easy it is to find help for any subject.


Giving people a great education at a great price.


Our school is best known for helping people change their life, a community college first helps people look at a better future by allowing certifiaction programs, and associate degrees. Once a student gets that they then have the confidence, slef esteem, and drive to continue on ward and upward wiht their education and future.


Front Range is best known for its career oriented class everything from accounting to nursing. And is the prime target for industry expasion and relocations.


Front Range Community College is best known for its flexibility. There are morning, evening, and weekend classes. Front Range also offers two locations to attend. They have a school in Longmont and in Westminister. They also offer off-campus classes, ie: classes at local high schools.


Having the school feel like a small community. They are great at embracing diversity and exploring other cultures.