Front Range Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The professors are very helpful.


I love that Front Range is nearby, and completely affordable. I am getting a solid education, and Front Range is preparing me well to transfer to a four-year college.


It's in the middle of Colorado! it's beautiful here and everyone is so friendly. I moved here from Seattle, WA and couldn't be happier!


A person that isn't really sure of where or what they want to do should attend Front Range. Also, someone that is looking for an easy transition between high school and a major college could find Front Range useful to attend. This is because the class sizes are smaller and the teachers put themselves out there to go get help and just make it easy to find them.


The best thing is that my school tries really hard to accommodate everyone. I am a new mom and the professors and advisors have been very supportive and helpful in getting me through school.


Front Range Community College is a good school for working adults looking to start or continue their education. The staff understands that most of the students are working adults, and because of this, the college has very flexible schedules and a cheaper tuition. Because this school is a low-pressure school, I was able to take classes without feeling stressed about whether this decision was right for me. As a result, I have learned to love school and I am continuing my education.


Taking the currrent recession into account, as we now have to with most of our daily choices, Frontrange Community College affords its students the comfort of lessened tuition with no trade-off to the education. The tuition cost for this school is but a fraction of any four year college, with most general transfer classes making it easy to transition elsewhere. There are also four locations of this college, where the attendee will have the ease of commuting to whichever location is most convenient. In fact, my personal schedule found its accomadation through two schools at the same time.


Location. It's not that far from home, and the climate is perfect. It's right next to the beach, and so we get a good breeze and good weather. There's aso pretty good food here too, and the resources available are more than enough to help anyone get through school!


I would have to say the class size, location, and cost for me


I love that they have so many off site campuses you can attend, also their online classes are easy to follow along with. The staff is always there to help with anything you need, making it a confortable enviroment for a new student.


Stay with it! No matter how hard it gets, or how futile it seems, it is worth the effort and will change your life!


One of the amazing things about Front Range Community College is the diversity. There are people from different ethnic backgrounds, different religions, and all different ages. I think one of the things that most impresses me about my school is the openness of the students to learn about thier schoolmates. It seems to me that everyone is friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand.