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What are the academics like at your school?

The academics at Frostburg State University are rigorous but have definite purpose. I feel the work I'm required to do is most definitely benefiting. One of my favorite classes is general biology. I love reading the text and realizing that all of these incredible processes are occurring right now inside each and every one of us. Cells are respiring inside you and me. Chemical reactions are occurring. Muscles are working. These little things are to me the miracles that we tend to go unnotice in our everyday lives. The classes are more team oriented and not as competitive as some might believe. We tend to help one another in labs and outside of class to further grasp the subject at hand. For instance, in our biology course, we get together for voluntary study sessions to make sure everybody understands the material. Some of us even go to extra lengths to make handouts or quiz mock ups. Outside of class, I've been able to chat with professors on both an academic and personal level. I've been invited to a professors house on occasion and to discuss philosophy in off campus environments.

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I will give credit where it's due. The professors ARE knowledgeable at least in my department of business. I have heard some other departments are having trouble with some immature and even illegal behavior with some teachers. BUT the business dept and wildlife departments are golden. I'm very impressed with the experience, knowledge and personal maturity of all the staff in the Business dept. They have produced students making 7 and 8 figures currently. That's good enough for me.

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Academics are wonderful! The teachers here are really great teachers, and their is a good understanding of how to successfully teach here at Frostburg. Great academics!

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