Fulton-Montgomery Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to my high school self, I would advise myself not to jump into the experience right off the bat. Or, if I still wanted to, I'd suggest researching other degrees available. I have changed my degree enough times that I would definitely tell myself to really reconsider my original plans.


I see you're headed to college! Congratulations! This is one more step towards your future. You?re probably feeling a little intimidated by the new expectations and atmosphere you?ll find yourself in. I?ve been in that boat, so here?s a few words of advice to help you on your way. Some of the most important and helpful people you?ll ever meet are none other than your professors. Don?t let the big degrees and titles scare you - they?re people too! They?re there to help you but they will hardly ever be found approaching students to see if they need help. You are going to have to approach them. There?s another group of people that will be important - your fellow students. They are not just people to hang out with or pass in the halls. These individuals are great study partners if you just ask. If you don?t need a study partner, make sure you find people you can have fun with. You will need a life outside of school! These four years will be some of the most important of your life. If done right, they will also be the best!


If I could talk to my senior self with the information I now know I would tell myself to stay on task. It is easy to fall behind if you are not always on top of your education. I would also tell myself that if you get sick you should get help right away and not try to ride it out. From personal experince, I got sick and did not get help, I was out of all my classes for a week. It caused me to fail my classes.