Furman University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I hate the sorority/fraternity obsession. I just don't fit in.


When there are a million great attributes to Furman University, it is extremely difficult to find any faults. If I had to decide upon one downside to being a Furman student, it would be the economic aspect of attendance. Furman is a private university and the costs of attendence are quite expensive. For a small, low-income family, financial aid is very important. Luckily, the university is amazingly supportive in theis regard. They provide many opprtunities for aid and assistance for those who wish to pursue the excellent education avialable at Furman.


The stereotypes that are given to Furman students by people both outside campus And students. Furman is a private school that has a large percentage of wealthy students. The stereotype is that all Furman students are preppy, smart, rich kids, which may in fact be the case for many students, but by no means all students. I do not fit this category.


Although typical students' drive and involvement in the community reaps lasting rewards and propels our society forward, their desire alongside the university's expectation to succeed has the tendency to overwhelm their person and "over-book" their schedule. With such a propensity to over committ, Furman students may neglect to work through internal struggles or can become burnt out. Competition is heated and the ability to say "no" as needed becomes necessary for your own well-rounded health. I find it helpful to attain some distance from the madness of success in order to reflect and think through decisions.


The lack of diversity. I grew up in a very diverse part of the United States, and I think that Furman could benefit from some ethnic and cultural diversification. To its credit, Furman is making strides to accomplish this goal.




I would consider the worst thing about Furman is the dining hall food. Furman has wonderful breakfast and that is the best meal of the day and it should because breakfast is the most important. Furman also has the Paladin which counts for another place to eat food on campus. The Paladin includes Moes, Subs, Chick Fil A, and a Sushi place, only one out of four of these places are a place to eat healthy. I also dislike that out of all the eating places the unhealthiest one stays open the latest which is Moes.


The dorms need major renovations!


The worst thing about my school is that there aren't as many extracurricular activities as I would like. There are even some sports that my school does not have, like diving, gymnastics, hockey, racquetball, and swimming.


the people can be stubborn spoiled and "rich kids"


I feel as though the school is too small. People are always in your business and try to having you thinking negatively which eventually effects some peoples school work.


Student body is too conservative and not open minded at all.


The lack of diversity or at least the lack of mixing of the different cultures on campus. And the lack of social options.


Not many people have heard of it and it is often underestimated for how difficult it is.


The recent changes in the curriculum and calendar have been somewhat difficult to adjust to. My particular class has had it particularly difficult because many of us have to overload to complete all of our requirements before student teaching in the spring of our senior year.


The cultural and racial lack of diversity is a detriment to the school.


they serve pepsi products! really though, sometimes it seems a bit too small.


Not all people are open to the values and opinions of others. Also, since this school is lesd than 3000, rumors spread and most of them tend to be untrue giving many a bad reputation that don't always deserve it.


The administration is not responsive to the students.


The worst thing about Furman are the whiny rich students.


Somewhat boring.


I believe the overall cost of tuition is the worst thing about the school. Compared to other schools in state, tuition is considerably high. Also while the quality of the bookstore is great, the end of term, buy-back opportunity is lacking.


Required to live on campus all four years.