Gadsden State Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person who is not quite ready to take the huge step to a university should consider this school. I was not ready to move away from home, so I chose to attend Gadsden State and it was a wise decision for me. You can adjust to the coursework without also having to adjust to living alone as well. I think many students are overwhelmed by so many changes involved when moving away to college, so a community college is a good option for transitioning.


Anyone looking to learn valuable skills and further their education. Gadsden State has many programs of study as well as techinaical programs and certificate programs to choose from. It does not matter if you are look for a degree to transfer on to a four year university or a hands on technical degree to finally get that pay raise or that promotion you been waiting on.


The kind of person that should attend this college is one who is serious about bettering themselves and getting the best education in the area. This person must be dedicated to their studies and must have the willpower to make sacrifices to obtain good grades. A student who wants to attend this college must understand that he or she isn't going to college just to learn but to get and education so that they will one day be able to do their part in making this world a better place.


I think anyone should attend this college. The teacher's and students are great! I'm undecided on what i want to do and everyone there helps me try to find what I would like to do. They are a lot of help. The classrooms are easy to find and it's a beautiful campus. I think this school would be perfect for anyone trying to better their life.