Gadsden State Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The school is easily accesible to the members of the community. The teachers are very friendly and helpful and seem motivated to help students succeed.


Gadsden State has many programs such as cosmetology that are career focused and specific. This allows you to get the job training that you need.


The relative cost and the distance were the key factors in my choice of schools. i come from a large (7 kids) family and my parents do not make enough to send us to college so i have to do the best i can for myself, to ensure my goals are reached.


The most impressive thing about my school is it's ability to prepare a student for harder obstacles. By having class rooms that make feel you like you are still in high school, but challenges your mind to grow as though you are in a university. This grants you time to grow a custom to what real college classes are. My school awakens your mind to more then what it was used to before making university life less hard.


Its a small town college, also almost everyone who attends i have met at one point and time.