George Fox University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Being close-knit and a community.


It is a well known private Christian university in the North West.


Religious based.


George Fox is best know for making students known on campus and having a small, commuity feel.


There are a lot of really great traditions around George Fox University. My favorite is probably the Medallion Search. Each year Bruin Heritage Society members hide a medallion somewhere on campus. There are few restrictions as to it's hiding place. It starts on a Monday. They hand out a clue to where the medallion is hidden. Then, each day a new clue is dispersed in the morning. The first person to find the medallion and bring it to the office wins a hefty prize. This is so fun because students come together to try and decode the complicated clues, which usually involve some George Fox history. During the week of the Medallion Search it is not uncommon to see students searching high and low in all sorts of crazy places around campus. It's a blast!


It's Christ-centered philosophy of education, its commitment to serving the community, and the attention given to individual students.


George Fox is best known as the "Quaker" College because of the religious backgrounds and atmosphere of the campus. It is also known for its Annual Serve Day, where all classes are cancelled and students are dispersed throughout the community of and near Newberg. Our school is known for its highly Christ centered focus which is incorporated into the education of each student.


I have no idea


For combining faith and how it applys to what we are learning in the classroom. Also we are very well known for our academic excellence and athetics our Girls Basketball are the NCAA division three undefeated Champions, and our boys baseball team just won in the championship also.


Nursing, engineering, and elementary education.


It's clocktower.


The great community atmosphere, the one on one time with Professors and the Spiritual emphisis placed in everything.


George Fox is best known for its engieneering and nursing programs, staunch religious regulation, and piety.


Being the former college of President Herbert Hoover. Is very well known in the Pacific Northwest among business. It has a very good reputation.


Our school is known for many things, we have an excellent science program, the fastest growing nursing prgram, an intense and wonderful music program, the best engineering program in the state, and many other excellent programs. This is why we are the number two liberal arts university west of the Mississippi.


Probably being a Christian university, and also for the science programs.