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Besides being a private Christian school, I chose George Fox because it integrates the new and the old. It always seeks to advance the facility and education system to provide the leading quality of classes for students. At the same time, it keeps the traditions that had established the university in the beginning. There is always a sense of respect for the founding fathers/mothers, and the students are always well-informed and the teachers express the good morals and values of a respectable Christian.


The faculty and staff at this university are extremely friendly and make every student feel at home.


The Christ-centered and extremely supportive community. Also, the professors care deeply about every individual student and work hard to make sure they succeed while providing them with an excellent education.


If you're a Christian, you'll love it here. From the daily lifestyles and attitudes of students to campus events and off-campus activities, most of what goes on here is in someway related to or results from the university's Christian focus. That said, most of the people here are not your stereotypical Christians; they are sensitive and intelligent. If you're not a Christian, you will not feel rejected, but you might not always fit in. If you're looking for a good education, you'll find it here, but if you're looking for parties, you won't. Quality of food varies from meal to meal, and, while a few of the dorms and classrooms are newer, most of them are older and not especially luxurious.


Many factors made my decision easy to attend George Fox University. It?s a small private university that will enable me to graduate within four years, the student to faculty ratio is 11:1, It has a strong education department, it has a faith based campus and positive atmosphere, and 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students receive financial aid (on average this amount is about $20,000 annually). George Fox encourages service in the community and pursuing our individual relationships with the Lord. George Fox University is a great school and I have been pleased with my education here.


At George Fox the other students in my class are alot like myself. We are older and have families and have experience in this world. Not all of our experiences are the same but we all have things that we can learn from each other.


My school involves students in a contract to assure that there will be no drinking on campus or illicit sexual activity. They also require that students attend a chapel service twice a week for spiritual fulfillment credits. Another unique thing about my school is that they are concerned about volunteering and peace. For example, our security officers don't carry guns. They also offer many chances to be a part of a couple different volunteer and service groups.


George Fox is a Christian school that is truly ruted in Christ.


We encourage campus life to be like a community were you help one another to reach a similar goal. Also faith is a very big part of our community and it nice to be able to share your faith without being singled out or labeled as an outcast.


it is God centered and promotes only that


its unique christian approach to liberal arts, and its great audio/video or cinema media communications department. also for all of that its not too far from home.


The entire campus is only half a mile wide. I can get to all my classes is about 7 minutes coming from my residence hall.


The atmosphere, not only what the school itself looks like but the feeling you get from the people. So many schools feel cold and unfriendly, this school is the total opposite. People smile at each other as they pass and really reach out to new commers.


No Drinking. Period. Even after you are 21. Even if you are a responsible drinker. Lifestyle Contract (no drinking, smoking, cohabitation, sex, etc) Community! People make friends for life at this school Christian atmosphere - truly, it feels like almost everyone is a Christian at Fox Small town charm BEAUTIFUL trees, grass, hills, wine country RAIN RAIN RAIN!!! Rad social activities