George Fox University Top Questions

Tell us about the sports scene on campus.


The sports scene isn't very popular here in comparison to other universities. Don't get me wrong, we still show up at games in our school colors and cheer on the Bruins, but you have to understand that we are a DIII school. However, the sports scene is in the middle of a BIG change-up. We will be getting a football team in 2013 and we'll have to see what kind of crowd that attracts. It will bring a whole new dynamic to George Fox.


Sports has many different faces at George Fox University. A large portion of our campus took part in sports in high school and so wished to carry this on into college. Some made it into the school teams. Others who did not have time or the skill to make it into the school teams but still desired a structure sport environment take part in the intramural sports program. Many who do not participate in either still take the time to support those in either one.