George Fox University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


ASC is the student government and they plan a lot of the fun activities around campus. An example of an event that ASC just hosted was the Lip Sync contest. There were about 6 groups that choreographed a routine and the auditorium was packed full of students who were there to watch. It was a blast! Freshman dorm halls is where most people make their closest friends. Most halls consist of about 25 students and they do a lot of events together. As a junior, my best friends are still the guys and girls that I lived in the dorms with my freshman year. We don't have Greek life, so don't consider that. But, there are enough events and activities going on on a regular basis that we don't miss out on Greek life.


Ultimate Frisbee, video games, ping pong, watching movies, Facebook, and simply talking are the primary sources of on-campus entertainment. And of course studying, if you count that. There is no Greek life, and no party scene whatsoever. Coming here, I expected to find a rebellious and experimental subculture, but have met only a couple individuals who come remotely close to fitting that description. For those of us who do not always abide by the Lifestyle Agreement (which you can find online), talk of activity that violates it is generally secretive and suppressed. The majority of students here probably don't even know what cigarettes, beer, or anything else of that nature tastes like. I know people who have transferred specifically because of this, and I am seriously considering doing the same. There is no night life in Newberg (though it does have far more coffee shops than most towns of its size and awesome pet shop); you have to drive an hour into Portland for that. Even in Portland, there is not much you can legally do at night if you are under 21. However, if you are looking for good, clean fun, you'll have no trouble finding it here. There are several clubs concerned with social justice and finding solutions to societal problems, and a heavy emphasis is placed on volunteering. The campus shuts down for one day each semester for Serve Day, on which all the students volunteer in the community, and there are a couple optional Serve Trips each year. Everyone is required to attend chapel at least 21 times each semester, but most students go more than that. Last semester, intramural basketball, dodgeball, volleyball were offered, in addition to flag football and ultimate Frisbee clubs and collegiate level athletics. Oh, and as far as dating goes, if you're expecting to get laid, you will be disappointed. However, if you are in the market for a "hot and holy spouse" or a "ring by spring," you could be in luck. I should also mention an interesting phenomenon: the place is deserted on the weekends, especially on nice days. It feels like a ghost town walking around campus Saturday afternoons. Everyone either goes home, goes to the city or somewhere else for entertainment, or stays inside studying and playing video games. I still haven't quite figured out where everyone goes on the weekends.