George Fox University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I really can't answer this, becuase there are many types of people who attend this school. Perhaps someone who disrupts people while they are in class, or people who tag or who are into drugs. This is a school where growth is all about, and if you are not willing to change your lifestyle, then I don't think this is the right kind of school for you.


A student who has had negative influences in their life i.e. drugs, alcohol, and a criminal history, who dont want to give these those things up. There is a contract that you have to sign at George Fox that keeps you from having sex, drinking alcohol, using drugs of any kind, and a curfew for the opposite sex in dorms. If the student does not beleive in Christ let alone God, it could be a challenge finding other students who believe the same, which makes a social life on campus challenging. Also, someone who just wants to get by.


Someone that is close-minded and very set in his/her ways. Each student will be exposed to opposing views and will be expected to be cohesive with the culturally diverse atmosphere that is presented here. Also students who just want to party and drink alcohol should not attend this school, unless they are willing to work with their RA's on dealing with the rules that will be set before them (GFU is a "dry" campus and has several rules on appropriate behavior.


Students who are unmotivated or apathetic towards their school work would not do well at this school.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school would be a person not serious about their education. George Fox University is ranked one of the top Christian universites in the country. Students here are very serious about getting their degree and having the best four years of their life. The classes are rigoruous but fun. The professors challenge students in all ways. Being a liberal arts university students are very well-rounded.


George Fox University is a Private- Christian college, so anyone considering applying here should keep that in mind. They accept anyone, regardless of religious background, however the Christian foundation is very prevalent, and that may not appeal to some students. There is a lifestyle agreement that you have to agree to, not allowing drinking or tobacco use, and there are also required Bible classes and Chapel attendance. So anyone who is deterred by any of these points probably would not enjoy attending this school.


A person that shouldn't attend this school would be a partier who likes to drink a lot and skip classes, or a person who wants to sleep around. These kinds of people would get into big trouble on our campus. Another kind of person that shouldn't attend our school is one who isn't dedicated to working hard to focus on school and get good grades, this kind of person would hinder the learning environment for other students. That's it!


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone that does not follow rules or have strong morals. George Fox would be a good influence but they would feel suffocated and probably not like it or get themselves in to a lot of trouble. George Fox is a religious based school and it's regulations coincide with Christian moral standards; that is not everyones style of living.


someone who is just looking to get their degree


People who are really interested in the Greek system and who are really opposed to the Christian lifestyle/Christianity should probably not attend.


Athiests and party animals.


People who want to party, do whatever they want, and just have a good time should not come to this school.


I don't like to make distinctions as to who "should" or "should not" attend a school, because I think that anyone can make or break their college experience by how they choose to go about it. For instance, some people may say that non-Christians shouldn't go here, and while the school is strongly Christian, I also know of non-Christians currently attending this school that really enjoy it. There are majority views and opinions here, but I've been able to enjoy my schooling even though I do not always fit the stereotypical political or religious views.


I would say that the only people that would not feel at home at George Fox are those that want their college experience to be that of partying and getting high because George Fox has a dry campus policy against those acts. However, I think that those people SHOULD attend this school and I think that it is a good school for anyone to come to because of its strong moral code and its emphasis on community service.


A liberally minded person looking at college as a place to party.