George Fox University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school is diverse, extremely diverse. Not only that, it welcomes this multi-generational, multi-cultural mix. There is almost no discrimination, excluding the few people who aren't as open-minded. This diversity makes for a pretty interesting school environment. The events are a mix between American and foreign traditions. The food is also diverse. Most of all, the students of course, are very different from each other, to the point that we must learn to be open-minded to even make friends, which is always a good thing!


I like that it is a Christ -centered universsity that offers my major.


For once, I feel accepted and loved. I did not get this feeling from my highschool, but now I have great friends and teachers who want me to succeed.


Everyone is extremely freindly and supportive. Even the teachers -- they care about the students' well-being and their success, and not just in an academic setting. People go out of the way to encourage, uplift, and serve one another. There is a lot of grace when mistakes are made, and more encouragement to grow and learn from those mistakes.


The community. As you walk around campus nearly everyone that you pass will smile and say hello. We're small, so you always run into someone that you know. Since the campus is so little, we often yell a hello to our best friends if we see them walking on the other side of campus. It's great!


The class sizes are small. Going through the cohort program, my classmates felt like my family away from home. This makes it easier and more enjoyable to learn. This also allows for more one-on-one learning with the professors.


The best thing about George Fox was how much fun it was to take classes and learn new things. Students and professors alike would challenge my worldviews and encourage me to think more deeply about my fundamental beliefs.


I really love the small class sizes and the feeling of a close community. The professors are also really good at what they teach and care about the students.


GFU has a strong, Christian environment. It is a quiet, peaceful university, yet alive and beautiful. I have met many strong Christians that have challenged my faith and helped me grow in ways I never expected. Chapels are interesting, and the teachers are kind, approachable, and understanding. Many people are strong Christians and challenge others to be strong Christians too.


A tie between the campus community/laid back feel on campus and the helpfulness of professors, because these factors really allow the student to integrate and feel comfortable in class and socially.


The people and the community


The thing I love about George Fox is the sense of community. Our student community is very close and there are constantly things going on to be involved with. Facutly are always around for a discussion, cup of coffee or working out next to you in the gym.


The best thing The Christ centered social awareness that Fox promotes and the impact Fox alumns have on the world because of graduating from Fox.


The friendships that are created definately take the cake!


I really like the freindly environment. People are very freindly and welcoming. It is easy to get involved and to know people.


The small class sizes. I don't think I would have learned nearly as much if I didn't get the attention I recieved in GFU's smaller classes.


I find it amazing that the professors here are truly interested in the students. It is not uncommon to have a meal at a professors house or to share a conversation over a cup of coffee. Also the Res Life program is a finely tuned system of building community from new freshman to seniors, crossing the boundries of class years and forming lasting relationships.