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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

The university does a pretty good job of encouraging people to attend sporting events by posting schedules up around campus and in the dorms. Sports that are actively talked about include soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Some sports, like tennis or lacrosse, are not really advertised in an obvious way, so there is a clear preference to what the university favors. George Mason is particularly well known for their basketball team, for which students and faculty have a lot pride for. Basketball games are always well-attended and even some of the auxiliary components of the sport, such as the pep band, are well-respected enjoyed by many students.

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The sports isn't exceptionally big at George Mason University. This school still does not have a football team. George Mason's basketball team has become more well known, since the school made it to the Final 4 in 2006. Now, quite a few George Mason basketball games are shown on TV nationally. The one time of the year students appear at the sports stadiums most is during the NCAA tournament.

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Because GMU has no football team, we exert all our sportsmanship and school pride through basketball. People are really into attending the games, and students are always notified ahead of time before one is scheduled.

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