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Tell us about your professors.

Some professors at George Mason University are good to exceptional. The best professors I've had were in History, Art Studio (AVT 103), Interpersonal Communication (Comm 101), and Conflict Analysis (Conf 101). These professors consisted of an exceptional group of people, who I believe led be toward my History and Communications major. My favorite professors are Professor Schulze, Jannery, and Ritterhouse. These professors offered me the tools I needed to continue succeeding in school. The worst professors I encountered were in Information Technology (IT 103), Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, English 305, Ethics and Cybersociety (Phil 112), and Religion 100. These professors ranged from boring but nice to very egotistical and shrewd. I managed to succeed in most the classes with fairly bad professors. The only class this didn't happen was in English 305. This professor practically did everything possible to make the English 305 class a nightmare. The lessen I learned from these experiences is pay attention to everything in the reviews. Also, I learned to look at several reviews and read more into them to get the truth.

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