George Mason University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Freebies, discounts, and exciting events.


How easy it is to see what courses need to be taken to graduate with a specific degree.


George Mason University has a great shuttle bus system for students that live off campus and commute to school.


I brag about my teachers and the fact that it is easy to get government related jobs because of our location.


There are two things that really set George Mason apart from other schools. The first is that it is located so close to our nation's Capitol which is great for students like me who wish to puruse a career with the governement. The other great thing about my school, is that the student population is completely diverse. There are so many types of people to work with and learn from.


I like to brag about the food, the JC and my rugby team. However, I am looking forward to studying abroud this year, so hopefully I will be able to brag more about that.


My grades. I am proud of the education I am receiving. When I get good grades, I like to show it off, modestly of course.


I love the diversity. Super diverse. The arts here are also very good. Very good. We also have a fantastic English program. Actually, our faculty in gerneral is superb. Great leadership available. Also, proximity to a big city and super super super tons of internship availability.


I brag about the location. Fairfax is located about 30 minutes from the cultural hub of DC. As an art major, this provides me with an adundance of resources such as museums, galleries and internships. I also brag about the fact that GMU is the largest Virginia public school.


I enjoy the fact that my school is only 15 mins away from where I live and my family so I don't have to move or live on campus.


The diversity, the location, the concerts, the surrounding areas, the food, the weird yet very college things that occur, the nice people, the nice cars.


The fact that the Fairfax campus is the largest college/university campus in Virgina. It is really cool to know that you attend the largest campus in your state. The walking is not really cool though.


I tell them about all of the pretty trees on campus and how the school has a variety of places to study (private group study rooms, comfy nooks with couches etc.),


diverse relaxing environment great professors great area


The nursing program at George Mason University is an excellent program. The professors are very helpful and want to see you succeed. There is a heavy course load but is manageable if you are sure this is the career for you.


When I talk to friends about GMU, the one thing I always love to talk about is the enthusiasm of my professors. In my area of study, professors and the experience and expertise they have to offer are absolutely crucial. All of my professors are genuinely interested in challenging me and giving me the skills that I will need and use for graduating, and for success in the professional world. They also care for me as a person, and are there for both academic support or just to grab lunch and make sure I'm doing well.


The sense of community that George Mason offers and how there is always something to partcipate in.


I tell them about how wonderful the faculty members are. I have the best professors in the world as a student at Mason. They are amazingly kind, fair, knowledgeable and supportive. They teach with their hearts, not just with their minds.


George Mason University is home away from home. It provides a true comfortable college experience. The food is tasty, the people are friendly and the campus is really beautiful. Students have access to anything with their ID cards; from free access to any of our state-of-the-art gymnasiums to free entry to basketball games in the Patriot Center, money is not a big problem living on campus. There are a lot of friendly people who help with studies and having fun. George Mason University is home, and a great one at that!


I brag most often about the scenery and the staff. Not only is there lots of wildlife on campus, including wild trails and ponds, the professors I've had have been the best I've ever had. All have been intreging, intelligent, fun, and easy to talk to.


The great people I meet and study with. How conneced you feel with your community. For me it is the support and comraderie I get from the Catholic Campus Ministry Community and the Synchronized swimming Club Sport Team. I am not forced into uncomfortable situations because I have a whole group of friends that support who I am.


George Mason University is one of the best universities in Virginia. Our campus is so diverse and the faculty are wonderful. There are tons of activities and events that are held throughout the year for students to get together and show their Patriots Pride. We have a wonderful basketball team that represents Mason to the fullest. We have tons of exciting concerts at the Patriot Center year-round and many, many student organizations to keep you from boredom. Mason also offers a big assortment of curriculum to choose from and the student advisers are great and encouraging to all students.


I always brag about the proximity to Washington D.C. and how helpful Mason is about job placement and how it really makes internships possible with free transportation to metro stations. My major is impossible to get a job without some kind of prior experienc and in later years of college Mason schedules credit hours for me to get an internship.


Honestly, the amount of free stuff you can get. From food, to movies, to free t-shirts there are tons of opportunities to get something for free. This is very important to college students because we have no money to spend. You never need to buy a shirt from the bookstore because I guarantee you will get at least three free ones in your first semester alone.


That there is a lot of work to do and that it has been consuming all my time lately.


George Mason has great proffessors who are very exceptionally friendly and ready to help students upon request. The professors actually teach classes with enthusiasm (most of which love to teach) and for the most part are pretty good at what they do. What I love most about Mason is their Computer Science department. Mason has a small but growing robotics lab that has plenty of opportunities. The best trait that mason offers is it's diverse background. On campus one can meet people from anywhere, no one is particularly boring and everyone has a story to tell.


George Mason is located close to our Nations Capital, filled with students and people from around the world. People of different backgrounds and majors mingle and grow here together, be it in class, on campus, or on the town.


George Mason University is close to Washington D.C. where you could social with your friends. George Mason University is full of spirit.


When I talk to my friends I brag about the fact that my school is located close to the capital and it allows me to explore the D.C. area. The fact that it is located in the middle of everywhere also makes me happy, because I can just take the bus, which is free for George Mason Students and it takes us to the metro, which is unexpensive and we can go all the way to Maryland and D.C. in less than 40 minutes and explore a variety of places, people and food.


Mason have students all over world, creating diverse cultural environment. Excellent campus, very big. Superb classroom enviroment and faculty.


We have a game design degree! I also like that while the campus has a large amount of students, the buildings are close together so it's rare for students to arrive late due to having to walk a long way. I love the community here: anyone can find some sort of group or place to socialize within the students here.


How great are basketball team is and the various activities we have here on and near campus


When I tell my friends about George Mason, the things I brag about most are its closeness to Washington D.C. and how good the dorms are. I love being so close to D.C. Our nation's capitol is full of life and things to do. There is also plenty of causes and community groups in D.C. that George Mason students can get involved in. Another great thing about George Mason is the living conditions. I'm a freshman with a room twice the size of most other school's freshman dorms and my own bathroom.


I'm amazed at how many languages I hear while just walking to a class; thats always the first thing I share. The second thing I brag about are the teachers. They genuinly show an interest in their students, and strive for the best in them.


I tell them how great it is to be attending such an esteemed university as a Game Design major. I am overjoyed to see that East coast schools are developing game programs.


The best thing about going to George Mason is that it's not NoVa, the community college. After two years of attending that place, it feels so amazing to be in a real college setting.


How many fitness gyms we have and having such a diverse community within and outside of the campus life. The professors are very helpful and the academic advisors are always focusing on the best options available to graduate on time even if you are a student-athlete.


I tell people all the time that i am attending George Mason University. We are one of the top 100 most diverse schools in the world and are nationaly praised for our academics and wonderful basketball team. I have been trying to recrut my high school friends to attend here, its not easy but I am so happy and pleased to be here!


There are so many things to do here, like go see shows or plays or concerts.


When I brag about my school to my friends I usually talk about how there is always something to do. I tell them about the parties we have in the ballrooms and the forums we have during the week. I also talk about how nice our dorms/apts are and about the great food we have on campus. Also how Washington D.C. is only 20 minutes away using the MetroRail.




That I get to pick what degree I want and explore many other options.


When I talk about George Mason University with my friends I brag about all the new additions they have made to the campus since I arrived. George Mason plans to expand greatly in the next few years by adding various new elements to the campus such as a larger theatre, a hotel, and more buldings. They have already added more parking decks, another gym, and a huge new dining hall that serves three buffets all day. George Mason University it one university where I can see an effort to make the students happy and keep outsiders interested in the university.


Proximity to DC, which has nothing to do with the school itself, and my experiences in the Student Media office (which are really off the charts in a good way).


The people here are the most friendly I have met at any of the schools I applied to and they actually want you to be here and show it.


George Mason is one of the most diverse schools in the nation. So many people from different religions, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds travel from all parts of the world to come to the school. I have cultures from all over the world right in my backyard. To have such diversity makes people more open to learning about other regions in the world. Getting the perspective of people who have lived it makes learning about other cultures that much more fascinating.


I brag about my favorite professor Dr. BItler and her class.


great basketball team!


When I tell my friends about George Mason, I brag about the quality of the professors that I have and how supportive they are of students. I also like to "brag" about how much fun I have with the people here. Being a part of the music department, students spend so much time together and create close friendships.


George Mason Univeristy is close to my home. Last year, as a freshman, I lived on campus and when I got home sick I was extremely close to home and was able to visit my family anytime I wanted. I would always brag to my friends about the food on campus but also the food offered at home. However, I do feel GMU offers a wide vareity of majors and a fun, social scene both on campus and off.

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