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What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who are independent, strong, and know how to stand alone should attend this school. This school gives each person the opportunity to be themselves. This is also the school for people who are outside of the stereotypical college student mold. Ultimately, this school is for people willing to think of college as a journey, not a destination.


It is not easy to describe what kind of student should attend George Mason University because it's full of student diversity. There are students who come from a variety of backgrounds, like different ethnic backgrounds, and different parts of the country and world. For example there are students that are very social and outgoing and others who are more reserved. There are students who prefer to live on campus and others off campus. In general, anybody can attend George Mason and realize they can fit right in the university environment.


Anyone looking to interact with students from various parts of the world should consider attending George Mason. Students with interests in economics or global affairs should also look into it.


People who are willing to work hard and dig deep to get the best education and experience possible. People who are serious about growing as individuals and being open-minded to all that the world has to offer are the kind of people who should be at George Mason. Students who want to take advantage of the campus location near Washington, D.C. and the opportunities of having a variety of strong companies to gain work experience.


Friendly people who are excited to become involved with their community


A student who wants to be surrounded by a welcoming community, demonstrates initiative, is innovative, and is interested in trying new things would thrive at George Mason University.


People who take initiative will do well- because it's so big, it's hard to get involved if you don't make a substantial effort.


Mason is a school that is described by some Northern Virginia kids as just a college too close to home. But, while it has commuters, such as myself, there are also people from all over the world. If one is looking for a strong education and are want to be close to DC without actually being there, Mason is the best choice. It offers many connections and is full of amazing Mason Nation pride to any one who wants to experience it.


To attend this school, a person should have goals and the want to network with other people for future references. The person will have the necessary resources to go after their proposed career field. They need to be serious and motivated if they want to attend George Mason.


Someone who wants to go to a college that doesn’t emphasize party life/sorority life/ and the fraternity life should go to GMU. George Mason is a great school for people that want a great education. You truly do learn a lot and they have plenty of resources to help you with even the smallest of promblems. Staff is very responsive helpful and friendly.


For someone who likes diversity, George Mason is a great place. The campus is very welcoming and if the person likes to be involved, they offer great opportunities for student involvement. If someone is looking for a place where they will still feel at home, Mason is the place.


Here are some pointers for those considering attending George Mason University. First, one should come with an openess to learn about and explore various career options. There are hundreds of different degree options available, so, even if one is undecided about their degree at the beginning, it should not be too difficult to find one's niche. Second, one should come expecting to form new and lasting friendships with his fellow students. There are thousands of students in attendance, so if one is willing to open up and meet new people, he is sure to fit in well.


Due to the large diversity found at George Mason University, individuals of any background can attend the school and find a place to fit in. Furthermore since participation in school activities is greatly encouraged, students who have the desire to be a part of extra curricular activities would find the school to their liking. Thus students who have the desire to further their education and want to be involved in the George Mason community, should attend the school.


GMU seems to appeal to a wide variety of individuals. This will be my first semester at the school, so I am still getting a feel for it, but they seem to have an enthusiastic and diverse student body, a wide variety of educational and extra cirricular options so I imagine they would appeal to a wide variety of students.


This is a heavy commuter school. The vast majority of students that attend George Mason University live in the surrounding area and live off-campus. The school is trying very hard to attract more on-campus students with a wide variety of student organizations and activities. The college experience is what you make it and a you can get a lot out of it but with GMU trying to expand so fast be prepared for a lot of friction and confusion in trying to get yourself situated.


Any kind of person can attend GMU. It is a diverse school that accepts everyone no matter your race, gender, ethnicity, interests, finances, or goals. George Mason is a melting pot of people and everyone can find a place in the campus community. Mason offers an accepting, supporting, and understanding community for any person.


People who love to learn and want to be part of the academic world. Just by walking through campus you feel sophisticated by association, and the professors are so smart and make you want to learn.


Students looking at George Mason should expect to put a lot of hard work into the program of study. They should be prepared to take a well rounded course list and to be kept busy with the class requirements. Someone who works or has other commitments will fit in well but so will those who are planning to have an active social or sports life.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one who is more concerned with academics than partying. There is a number of extracurricular activities and social opportunities, but the primary focus of this diverse institution is on academic acheivement.


A person who's focused, career oriented. School isnt a joke, you are here to get edcuation and build an empire for yourself.


George Mason University has a very diverse community. Students from all over the world, of different races and ethnicities are gathered here. It offers a wide variety of majors. It has plenty of opportunities for every one such as on campus jobs, student organizations etc etc. So anyone interested in having a lifetime experience of fun and education should come here. This place is meant for everyone who wants to have a bachelors degree. No one will ever feel that they are not meant to be here.


The type of person, who should attend this school, is someone who is interested in any type of international affairs or political science studies. George Mason has one of the best international affairs department because it is close to Washington DC. Also we have a good music department so we have a lot of art and dance majors. George Mason is a very diverse school it is meant for anyone to come to. We have the greatest diversity in the area and you will fit in this school perfectly, and never feel left out.


The types of people that should attend George Mason are those who are willing to try new things and approaching different perspectives that can also help change the community for the better.


Anyone that is positive minded, goal oriented, and career focused should attend this school.


Anyone who is ready for a great environment and ready to meet new people. Also if one is outgoing and adventerous then I would highly recommend George Mason to them.


George Mason University is a really diverse school with very friendly faculty and even friendlier students. George Mason University is suitable for any student who knows how to study hard and balance work with fun. There are students from all over the United States and all over the world and George Mason University really feels like home. George Mason University is for anyone, especially those who are accepting, hard-working and fun-loving!


This school, is probably perfect for almost any type of person, because we have the most diverse background out of any college in the Nation. There are so many different clubs and extracuricular activities at Mason, that it is almost impossible not to find something you like. The student body is also extremely friendly, so making friends here is not a problem at all.


George Mason University is a perfect fit for any adventure loving and culture sensitive individual. It is one of the most diverse schools in the country with over 20,000 students with endless opportunities. It satisties the research interests of science students through internships near Washington DC and on campus, their socialzing interests through student headed clubs, as well as their enjoyment through numberous GYM's, pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, libraries, and more. Finally, George Mason University is perfect for nature lovers with beautiful creeks, lakes, and view of the night sky.


A person who is eager to learn in an innovative way, and in an environment that will allow them to thrive and will encourage them to succeed.


Someone who enjoys diversity, likes competition, studies hard and enjoys a challenge. It's tough but not impossible.


GMU has a wide variety of classes to suit any kind of person.


I think that George Mason Univeristy is for the type of student who enjoys learning as well as making lasting friendships. Mason is not for the student who loves to go and party every night, but instead for the student who enjoys meeting new people everyday while continuing their education. Mason is one of the most ethnically, politically, and religiously diverse universities Virginia has to offer and a person who finds themselves wanting to explore all those aspects will find themselves most welcome at George Mason.


A person who is very tolerant of people that are different than they are, someone who would enjoy learning about different places, people, and cultures. A person who likes a tight community that does it without being closed off from the rest of the community. GMU is a place where innovation is tradition, where change is constantly happening. I honestly feel like George Mason is for anyone who wants to get the most out of their learning (and not just in the classroom).


Students who don't want the typical party school, it is a more conservative school so parties are not around every corner, but simply getting involved on campus will give you the heads up to the parties. So, it allows a perfect blend of students who are academic but wouldn't mind to party every once in a while. The cultural diversity is huge, but everyone is friendly. It has been a unique experiance from my perspective and I have learned a lot about different countries simply by talking with other students.


A low achiever who lives in Virginia. This school is way over-priced for out of state students, and the coursework is definitely not on a college level.


Someone that does not mind a big school and is willing to get involved. It can feel very lonely if you do not want a job, to be in Greek life, or a sport. If you are used to big school it will most likely be a good fit, if you are from a small school like me, be prepared for a change.


Someone who likes grass and trees should go to Mason.


A person who is sure of what they want should attend this college. Since is is a community college and the highest degree on can recieve is an associates. There are alot of prefessional courses that help people achieve a certificate for a profession.


George Mason is teeming with a variety of people so it's hard to pinpoint what "type" of person should attend Mason. From what i've seen theres a huge variety of clubs, groups, and meetings that one can attend. One of the best things about Mason is meeting people who aren't alike because it broadens your view of the world.


Motivated and career driven, an individual that appreciates diversity, someone who is more concerned with academics rather than the ideal college experience


A person that likes to participate in interesting activities and is looking to work in Washington D.C. would probably attend George Mason University.


This school has room for everybody. There are tons of events, clubs, and academic programs to choose from. There is also school-provided transportation to DC where there is even more to do! This is a great area because those who like to be in a city are close to DC and those who like a more rural or suburban area have Fairfax County where the school is located.


This school is very diverse so anyone should attend this school. George Mason University is also famous for its Economic programs because two former alumnies have previously won the Nobal Peace Prize, making it the only university in history to have alumnis to hold this honor.


I think that anyone should be able to attend this school and be successful. It's also a great place for students who may need access to government buildings, museums, various types of retail stores for school supplies (art supply stores, hardware stores, electronics stores, etc.)


George Mason has students from almost every ethnic background you can imagine. There are lots of different clubs and activities you can join and the university is about 40 minutes from Washington D.C. Just about anybody can come to Mason and find something they like about it. If your not used to cold weather than the winter can take some getting used to, but other than that anyone can attend mason and find something they like. Mason has a very welcoming atmosphere and its full of diversity and you will find people from all walks of life at Mason.


George Mason is an extremely diverse school. Students who are outgoing and interested in meeting people from other countries should definately attend this school. Students who adjust well to a fast pace enviroment will also enjoy this college.


George Mason University is a great school for any student who likes large schools and knows that there is a specific program of study for the career path that they are seeking. As an undeclared student who wants to be a doctor at a school where there is no pre-medical program, I have not gotten the feeling that what I want to do is attainable. If I do not start to feel more like I am being taken care of within the next few months, I will seriously consider transferring to a school with a pre-medical program.


Focused, studious people who know what they want and will work hard to get there. People who can say no distractions and will only take yes for an answer.




Someone who loves to have fun and wants to learn

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