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What kind of person should not attend this school?


This isn't the place for people looking to party, develop long term connections, or meet mature people. The area that George Mason is in simply doesn't allow that.


This isn't the place for people looking to party, develop long term connections, or meet mature people. The area that George Mason is in simply doesn't allow that.


I believe everyone should attend GMU. The professors are absolutely amazing. Even in bigger class sizes they still take the time to get to know you and are willing to help you whenever you need it. The campus is absolutely beautiful and has a little bit of everything for everyones different needs. It has several workout facilities that are always open so that each student can incorporate fitness into their busy lifestyles. Unless you want a plan old school with no benefits, GMU is for you!


Someone who wants to party party and get crunk all the time. It is definitely an option here, but certainly not the main focus. If you're going to cry about a somewhat dead campus on the weekends, don't come here. I find it appealing, because then I go find things to do with my friends (who are here on the weekends) and it's wonderful to not have any distractions, like too many people being here on the weekend.


The kind of people that probably wouldn't like George Mason are people who would prefer to live in the city. George Mason is located in the middle of a suburban city with a campus structure resembleing a small town. Also, though only 30 minutes away from Washington D.C, attractions for underaged young adults is still majorly limited. In short, George Mason more of a quiet campus that focuses more on academics and diversity then "partying".


A person should not attend the school if they think it is a party school or extremely "laid back". George Mason University is the complete opposite. They should find somewhere else to go.


Someone who has a strong faith in Christianity. This school is not accepting of those traditional beliefs, rather they want diverse and liberal atheist students.


If you want to go to a college to get away from home and party hard and join a fraternity then George Mason isn’t for you. The school has those things but nothing compared to the surrounding schools. Typically a night of partying involves students leaving this school and traveling a distance to party at other schools.


If you don't like diversity you shouldn't attend Mason. Mason is a very diverse school with many ethnicities. You will see people from so many different countries, people you thought you would never see.


I think a person who is always wanting to party and break the rules should not attend George Mason. Mason does have its share of misfits, but many students here realize at an early stage that Mason has a zero tolerance for drinking underage and breaking honor codes. Other schools may be lenient but Mason has high expectations for their students, so anyone who is looking for the crazy college experiences may not find it here.


Someone should not attend George Mason University if they are not open to new ideas. Our motto is "Where Innovation is Tradition," and we really stick by it. A student at Mason can major in whatever they please, including something that they make up and it can get approved. We even make up our own sports, such as underwater hockey!


You shouldn't attend George Mason University if you are a person who doesn't have a drive to be successful. You also shouldn't attend if you think that the road at Mason is going to be easy; you have to be dedicated and determined to do well in each class that you take.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who wants to join a large, football, greek life type of school. GMU is a big school with great opportunities for the future, especially in the Northern VA and DC areas. GMU is more career focused with little to no focus on greek life, but we do have a awesome fraternities and sororities. It is a different type of college experience, not the cliche kind you see in the movies.


anyone can attend


George Mason may not be the place for somebody who does not wish to be get the feel of home and feels as though they do not need the tools to help them to succeed in post college life. George Mason does it's best to give their students all the necessities needed to be best the best in the career field that will pursue once graduating from college. Not to mention, that you are in the metropolitan area of Washington D.C. the internship opportunities are in total abundance.


The people that should not attend this school are people who are not open to different cultures and ideas. George Mason University is one of the most diverse school in the United States. During my time at George Mason University, I've been exposed to almost every type of race, culture, and religious affiliation. This diversity has really made me a more open minded person and I feel that applies directly to my Global Affairs Major. Also, the campus isn't in the middle of a big city, so those interested in a city campus will be dissapointed.


George Mason is a large and diverse school to say the least; someone who prefers a small, consistent, and predictable school should not apply to Mason. Mason is full of suprises because of all the cultures and ever changing atmosphere of the campus. One moment I may be hanging out with one group and then the next, another. One needs to be able to adapt to the surroundings so he/she can better enjoy the so-called "college life." A person who prefers consistency and a relatively unchanging atmosphere should not choose to go to George Mason.


I someone was looking for a really strong on-campus community, this school is still definitely a commuter school. However, it is still easy for to make friends and settle in on campus if they are willing to work a little more to make friends. The campus is more quiet on weekends so most activities happen off campus or students create the fun for themselves. For those reasons, I wouldn't recommend Mason to someone looking for an active campus on weekends.


A person who is not willing to study and only wishes to g to college for the parties.


People who should not attend George Mason University are those who do not like the fast paced life. Although it is located in a suburban area, there is definitely a fast paced lifestyle that can be a shocker to some.


People who do not want to put any effort, or people that think it's easy as pie.


People who are not willing to put time into their homework; as well as, studying need not apply because in college almost everything you turn in or do is work 20% of your grade.


Someone looking to go to a lot of on-campus parties. Typically the parties are held off-campus by Fraternaties and Sororities, and are known only to those in that crowd. For example, my suitemate goes to parties with his Fraternity a lot, but I never hear anything about them because I'm not in a Fraternity.


Those who are not ambitious enough to do well in school.


A person who is not motivated to do well and succeed should not attend.


The fraternity/sorority life at GMU is a lot bigger than I had anticipated, so if a future person is interested in joining that life, then this school with be great for them. However, if not then I would say look other place. Also, it is a very large school, making a student feel disconnected at times. So, If a person likes the environment of not being spotlighted and fading back a bit, then it is nice for that.


A Chemical Engineer probably shouldn't apply to Mason. If you're a comitted socialist, I wouldn't attempt majoring in Economics at Mason; you might run into problems with the predominently libertarian/ Austrian economics staff. Also, someone who wants to study obsure languages probably ought not make Mason their dream school. Any student pursuing an "ordinary" degree will be fine at Mason, but one shouldn't expect Mason to be a specialist school as it obviously is not. Don't come here to learn the culinary arts or shipbuilding, try a trade school for that.


somebody closed-minded who doesn't like interacting with people different from him/herself.


Anyone who is not open to diversity. Most schools are granted stereotypes by their students or other students, and most of the time they are true. For instance, most of the other schools in virginia that are large state schools are prep schools or party schools. However, George Mason is a melting pot of everyone. We are so close to D.C. and this is definitely beneficial. Our school is very diverse and is accepting of everyone. If you love cliques, then don' go to George Mason.


There are a number of types of people who should not attend this school. George Mason University is an extremely diverse school and anyone with who has issues with a multicultural atmosphere should not attend George Mason University. Also, people who are unsure of what degree they would like to pursue should not attend George Mason University and should probably start off at a community college because in my experience, the advisors are not very helpful in guiding students toward potential educational pathways.


People that are looking to attend a party school or a school with a strong shared identity. This is a commuter school filled with many different types of people and there are few uniting characteristics besides the fact that we are all attending the same university.


I think students who are going to skip school and party all weekend should not attend this school. George Mason University is a very respected University in Virginia and this type of student represents this school in a negative manner.


Someone who doesn't enjoy green grass; there is a lot of grass.


Students who need one on one instruction from teachers woould not fair well at George Mason. Also individuals who do not make friends easily may also not fair well here as the campus is very large.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who isn't serious about trying to succeed. I've never thought that my courses were hard, they were just time consuming. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort to succeed at this school, it's definitely not for slackers. College can be trying and you have to be able to work through it.


I believe most people should attend George Mason University! It is very diverse to fit almost everyones needs and circumstances. The only thing is one needs to keep their grades up and if you are one not to try then 'you' should not apply!


I think that someone who is not expecting great learning experiences and diversity should not come to Mason. If you are not willing to get involved on campus and learn as much as you can during your classes, then college in general is a waste of time and money.


Students who are looking for a small, conservative campus.


People who can't take much stress and can't live alone


Everyone should attend this university. There is something for everyone. Again, a very diverse student body. Plenty of activities and clubs for every kind of student.


I wouldn't be able to not recommend my school to anyone because in actually there is something for everyone here. My school is one of the most diverse universities in the U.S. We have been chosen the #1 University by U.S. News & World Report as the Up and Coming University.


If you're looking for a party school, this isn't it. Although, you are only a Metro Ride away from James Madison University, a well known party school.


In order to attend this school, one needs to be very outgoing and willing to try and experince new people and things. Close minded people or those who prefer lots of alone time should not attend this school.


George Mason University is an extremely diverse college that accepts students of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities and genders. The community is full of intelligent and driven students from different backgrounds. The only student that should not attend this school is one who is not willing to learn and be acceptant of all types of people. George Mason caters to its diverse community in which practically anyone who puts in the effort can thrive in.


This school is fit for someone looking for adventure- there is so much diversity at this school (religious, racial, financial-status, etc.) that it is impossible to not get caught off gaurd at times being around so much diversity if you're not looking for it. Being that it is located near Washington D.C., this school is great for those looking for a future with the government jobs.


Someone just looking to have fun. If you are only in the college scene for fun, this is not the place for you. We do have fun, but only when it doesn't interfere with studying and classes to the point of flunking out. College is about learning and bettering yourself, mentally in classes as well as having some fun at the right times.


Someone who is looking for the typical college experience that includes a party life and greek domination should not come to George Mason. Although our Greek life is satisfactory, the University does not support Greek Housing at the time, and Greek life is small. It is not much of a party school since it is located in the middle of Fairfax, and there are many commuters who attend.


Someone who wants to devote four years to hard study and nothing but academics and training so they can emerge the best in their field should not attend this school. Also, because it's a commuter school, someone who wants the college atmosphere to be like a big, extended family should steer clear.


Someone who doesn't like cities or busy suburbs probably shouldn't come here. Fairfax is a busy, bustling area, and GMU is a big school.


A person that is looking for a small school that is not diverse.

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