George Mason University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to attend George Mason University because of one of the professors here, Mark Camphouse. I am a composition major and he was recommended to me by a teacher back home. I came to Mason not because I knew anything about the school itself, but because I want a strong education from a respected and effective teacher.


I decided to transfer to George Mason after getting my associate's degree from my local community college. Initially, I decided to go to GMU because it was within commuting distance and it was convenient. Additionally, GMU had the program I was looking for with journalism and the university also has a fantastic academic reputation that I thought would serve me well in the long run.


I didn't want to go to college with all of the kids I went to middle and high school with. I wanted to be far enough away that I could have my freedom, but close enough that if I need to go home I could. I wanted to go to a large school near or in a big city. I wanted wanted a school where I could have a relationship with my professors. I didn't want to be just a name on a piece of paper. Mason has given me everything I wanted in a college and more. I worked hard to make the most out of my college experience and that's really what it comes down to. You get out of it what you put into, no matter college or university you go to.


To be honest, my fiance applied to this school when we were seniors in high school. I ended up going somewhere else for two years. I ended up not being satisfied and transferred to George Mason. I decided to change because I wanted a bigger school, a school that would open me up to diversity, to incredible career opportunities, and would allow me to live off-campus if I so choose. I love the students here because they're so proud to be students, and the professors really will take the time to get to know you and help you learn something from them.


I decided to go to George Mason University because of the convenience. Residing in Loudoun County, I had the option to commute. It made me feel comfortable to know that back home was only half an hour away. The tuition (especially in-state) is very affordable, as well.


I chose to attend George Mason University for several reasons. This school offers a wide range of student organizations and majors. In particular, it has several honor societies for students to join, such as National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, and Golden Key Honor Society. Also, this school offers free opportunities for students to attend professional opera, dance, and theatre performances at the Center for the Arts. I enjoy going to these events, because there's always something great to watch. Another reason I chose George Mason was its rising reputation in US News rankings. The school recently ranked as a National University and a Up and Coming school. In addition, I chose this school for its great cable lineup and non party school reputation. I like the cable lineup in the dorms a lot, because there's enough channels enjoy. The cable has improved to the point where now HD and digital channels are added. George Mason's non party school reputation allows me to deal with less nonsense and attend a school with a good reputation.


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