Georgetown University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Georgetown University is best known for their School of Foreign Service, well rounded liberal arts core curriculum, and Jesuit affiliations that promote service to others. In regards to the University’s focus on government, international relations and public policy, it is known to have high profile professors (Madeline Albright), speakers (President Barak Obama), and notable alumni (President Bill Clinton). The University has numerous events for students in Washington DC, like the Diplomat's ball. While Georgetown has nationally ranked women and men’s cross country teams, they are best known in sports for their men’s Basketball team.


A TON of Hoya spirit. One thing everyone has in common is an intense love of Georgetown. If you are a Debby Downer and hate on the school then you'll probably have some issues.


Georgetown University is best known for shaping scholars into dynamic leaders throughout the world. Georgetown Hoyas like former President Bill Clinton, journalist Maria Shriver, and actor Bradley Cooper come from myriad specialties and serve as vehicles of inspiration. In terms of studies, we are especially recognized for our programs in international relations. Regardless of field, every subject at Georgetown manifests the Jesuit notion of cura personalis, or “care for the entire person.” Through an emphasis on global leadership and social justice, we are known for our readiness to understand and serve the world using our different strengths and talents.


Bill Clinton


Georgetown is best known for its academic reputation and career placement. The School of Foreign Service is particularly noteworthy and often places students in politics, government, and international organizations.


Georgetown is best known for its diverse, international student body, which matches their broad range of interests. Its four undergraduate colleges create a more intimate, structured framework within which students are able to hone their studies and delve deeply into their specific areas of study. Georgetown's location in the nicest neighborhood in DC provides a relatively calm atmosphere in the middle of a metropolitan area, including great restaurants and nightlife. DC also allows Georgetown the opportunity to host excellent professors and famous speakers, creating an informed, cultured, politically active community.


Georgetown is best known for its international and political character.


Basketball! And being a well-known and academically challenging and stimulating institution of higher learning and one committed to diversity and research.


Aside from Georgetown basketball (GO HOYAS!), Georgetown is known for its four unique undergraduate colleges: the McDonough School of Business, The Nursing School, The Walsh School of Foreign service, and the Liberal Arts College. Though each of these schools a student focuses on a particular area of study, Georgetown is known for its attempt to educatuate the "whole person." People at Georgetown are well-dressed, healthy, giving, smart, hard-working, fun-loving and dedicated to the things they care about. The idea of creating a balanced student comes from the Jesuit history, which expresses itself more philosophically than religiously.


Small classes and teacher are easy to reach. Nice library. Financially stable


Georgetown University is known for its strenght in balance. The students are very academically focused, spiritual, athletic, as well as social. Such a unique group of students provides for a great and challenging learning enviroment. The campus flourishes with balance as students find their way focusing on the main aspects in life that matter. The campus is lively and unique as students do not become bogged down on one aspect. This University is also known for its diversity and location. Located in Washington, DC allows students the oppurtunity to live and work in the nation's hub and capital.


don't know


Basketball team; great foreign service program; high academic standards; students who are politically and socially active


Basketball, governmant, international relations.