Georgetown University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It's very diverse in nationalities but no really ethnicities.


One thing that is slightly frustrating about Georgetown is that there is only one dining hall and the food there is sometimes suspect and not the best-tasting food you've ever had. At the same time, having only one dining hall is beneficial because whenever I go there, I always see someone I know and can sit down with and eat.


It can be intimidating to see the quality and achievements of you peers, which can lead to pressure on yourself to perhaps try and overwork in order to catch up. Furthermore, the career center can be frustrating sometimes regarding their inability to provide adequate help, but that is where your peers and professors can help. Finally, perhaps the most frustrating thing is the prices: DC is not cheap, and neither is the tuition.


There is little advisement for underclassmen, especially for those who have not declared a major.


There isn't a metro stop here. That can get a little annoying.


The most frustrating things is having such a full schedule. Georgetown has a multitude of famous and interesting guest speakers invited on campus to give talks weekly, but my schedule makes it so that I can never attend them. I always have a class or have to work when President Obama, famous writers, former government officials, foreign ambassadors, and other specialists from all fields come to speak. It is hard to juggle the workload and all the other things you want to do on the side, like work and activities, as well as trying to attend talks.


Georgetown needs to improve its facilities, and that's all a matter of its small endowment. Also, I'm just very frustrated by the social scene. Because there are no places to host large parties I have found it very hard to socialize with new people. Also, I feel like there are a ton of pretty girls here that clearly outnumber the number of guys. I wish someone had warned me about the different social scenes- make sure you prospectives check that out!


Unlike other universities, Georgetown did not do a great job of helping incoming freshman learn how college academia works. Signing up for classes involved navigating through an overly confusing website with no instructions or suggestions. I wish they would provide some tips on the best way to approach the first semester and instead of assuming students came in with the understanding of college life.


no one at school dates


For some of my classes, I study intensely, yet I do not receive the grades for which I hope.


Lack of wireless internet.


The administration is very difficult when it comes to student groups wanting to plan events like concerts. We haven't had a good concert in a while because the administration doesn't want to give funding to the organizations that need it. Basically, Georgetown bureaucracy is really frustrating to work with.


Some weekends there are a ton of things to do and some weekends there is nothing going on. Sometimes when you are trying to find out information everyone you talk to says something different. This is in reguards to academic choices, study abroad, research opportunities, housing, many things you would think the school would know about.

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