Georgia College and State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are looking for a place that has a lot of school pride, this is not the college for you. Many people don't go to the basketball games or baseball games unless they know people on the team. Greek life is pretty important here so if you aren't planning on being in a fraternity or sorority, this may not be the most welcoming place.


You shouldn't attend this school if you don't like living in a small town, in a place where things can get pretty boring. Also I wouldn't go unless you're really interested in learning about lots of different things, despite your major the school will make you learn about a mulititude of things through events and activities. Also there isn't a whole lot of racial diversity which bothers a lot of people.


A person who needs a large city or population to be happy.


A person who isn't looking for a close knit, friend oriented, and active college scene. If you want a big school, don't go to GCSU. If you want a school you won't have to work hard at, don't go to GCSU. If you aren't open to change or a broaded view, don't go to GCSU.


People who are close minded and unmotivated would most likely have a difficult time becoming successful at Georgia College.


There is no football team, so if you are looking for tailgating and going to a really big football school you won't find it here. We do have basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, etc., so we are by no means a school lacking in the sports. The town where the school is located is very small, so if you are looking for a big community or city this might not be the place you are looking for.


The kind of people that should not go to this school are those who don't want to be in a small town with very little to do but drink. Also, those who get annoyed by liberals or Greek Life should not apply here.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who is not open to new ideas and thinking outside of the box. In order to succeed, you have to put yourself out there and experience the world.


Someone who either wants to be at a big school, or wants to "party-hardy" shouldn't attend this school. Although during the weekends, plenty of social parties occur, it is not the kind of place for people who are only focused on partying in college. Everyone seems focused on school and trying hard to make good grades. Weekends are fun, but studying takes priority.


Someone who's looking for the party lifestyle. We are not a party school.


Someone who is looking for a rigourous academic schedule with many oportunitites for outside learning. Also, someone who is looking to slack off and not attend class or do their schoolwork should not attend GCSU either.


Someone who needs flashy lights and constant stimulation to entertain them. A person shouldn't go here if they need a big city to keep them happy and feel alive. If you don't like a small town and you like to get lost in a crowd then don't come to GCSU. People who only like to do the same thing over and over and not try to come up with different ways to have fun.


someone who likes to be in a busy place with lots of busy places to be. This is a quiet town, there are things to do but not like a huge city would have things to do.


A person is wanting something large. This is a small school in a small town. It is also very liberal. So there is a ton of freedom to express yourself however you feel. So you find yourself to be very conservative and not open to new things it's not a school for you.


Anyone who is not open-minded and accepting of other religions, cultures, ideas, etc. should not attend GCSU. Anyone who is not looking to be academically challeneged and who is seeking an easy degree should not attend GCSU.