Georgia College and State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There are many advantages of going to a liberal arts university. One, the class sizes are small, engaged, and student-centered. Unlike high school, I notice the teacher's passion for their subject and career. The interactive learning at Georgia College and State University is the greatest asset of my school.


The best thing about Georgia College is the fact that the city of Milledgeville is centered around the college. It's a small town college but it's a very sociable environment and the school is the focal point. There are a plethora of activities and groups for everyone to take part in. Basically, Georgia College is what you make out of it; you can get involved and have the best time of your life and meet life-long friends or you can go in any other direction of your choosing.


The best thing about my school by far is the welcoming atmostphere. I never knew in a college with 6,000 students, that I would get to know so many wonderful people. The dorms and the entire college is set up in the perfect way where you can meet as many people as you possibly can. All of this plus it feeling very much like home makes it the most wonderful college in my opinion. I love waking up every morning and seeing everyone's happy face on the way to breakfast!


My school is very inviting and extremely academically focused which causes the students to strive to do their best . The student body as a whole is open and inviting to new students and the staff and college campus always aim to establish a well-rounded community.


I really like that Geargia College and State University is a smaller college. Since it is a smaller college, the classes are not very big and I really like that. Since the classes are smaller, you can have a closer relationship with your professors. For some bigger colleges the classes are so big that the professors can not answer any personal questions the students may have, but that is not the case at GCSU. The professors are all wonderful and they are willing to help their students in any way they can.


Everyone knows just about everyone else and most of the people are generally very friendly and willing to help.


I would say our professors and staff are the best thing about my school because they are really knowledgeable and care about the students.


It's very light and open and free. It's friendly and one of the best-known colleges in the United States. I would say we maintain a great reputation.


The best thing about GCSU is that everybody, the staff as well as my peers are so friendly. I rarely run into a rude person. Everyone always has a smile on their face and are ready to help.


The best thing about Georgia College & State University is definitely the class size. There are only rare cases where class sizes reach 35 students, most range between 20 to 35 students. This gives you the ability to get to know the professor, if you want to, and for the professors to get to know you. The professors can actually care about you, they can be of more help and their attention is more devoted to your questions and concerns instead of being impersonal and unapproachable.


It is small, and you get to know your professors one on one.


I consider it to be very easy to meet people here. And the class size is very conducive for learning.


The freedom to express your self. The availability of professors, and the ability to have a personal relationship with a professor.


I love the social life! Everyone is very friendly-escpecially upper classmen. They were very helpful my freshman year, and they never messed with me like in high school. I also like size-you get the "college experience" without overwhelmingly large class sizes.


I love how our school is close knit. You are able to meet many people and actually see those people on daily basis because our school isnt too large. It is also good because your teachers are able to learn your names and therefore you are not just a number in class.