Georgia Gwinnett College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Parking. They do not nearly have enough parking spaces for the number of students enrolled. The parking is simply atrocious for a college where most of the student body commutes and where everyone, commuting or not, is required to pay a parking fee. They built a new building on top of one of the most accessible and central parking lots on the whole campus and have yet to make any replacement parking. All other lots are either full or very far away from campus buildings.


I really am unsure of what I would consider the worst thing about my school. The class sizes are average and the professors do a successful job at maintaining class discussions. These are two of the most important things pertaining to college. Therefore, I cannot consider something about my school the worst.


Some of the students. They play around and don't take some of the classes seriously. It is a waste of my time and money to pay for classes that are being interrupted by class clowns.


The worst thing abotu GGC is the lack of social events. It has become known as a "fly through" school which means people come to this university with the intention of transferring in one year or two years. And the fact that the school has only been open for five years means that they do not have any Greek Life or Homecoming celebrations, or athletics. That is why the school lacks attractiveness to many that go there or look into going there.


The parking lot is too small for the amount of people going to it, and it is too far away from the actually buildings.


There are a lot of institutional fees that seem to go to things that don't apply to all students. For instance, you pay a parking fee whether or not you drive to school. Also, a lot of the fees sound like they're for identical things -- student activities fee, student recreation fee, etc.


The worst thing is the distance from my house. In general, my school has great programs, and is still in the process of developing more programs, so there is not much that is bad.


The campus isn't tobacco free. Almost everyone who is sitting outside is smoking and it creates a foul-smelling cloud that seems to hover and linger for forever. I don't smoke and I hate the smell. The students don't usually try to cover it up and it stinks and is really annoying.