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What is the stereotype of students at your school?

Students at Georgia Southern University are labeled with all different kinds of stereotypes. Many years ago, GSU was ranked the number one STD university in the nation. In addition, given we are located in south Georgia, most people assume the school is made up of mostly rednecks. That one, i'll admit, is pretty accurate. There are all different kinds of students who attend classes here, but there are a lot of rednecks. We have lots of athletes, lots at fraternity guys and sorority girls, but once you look past the greek life, sports clubs, and social groups, there are a bunch of them. The first assumption I mentioned however, no longer is true. The STD rate here had dropped dramatically and the SAT requirements to get into GSU have risen just the same. We need to get more credit for that!

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One stereotype is that everyone parties. Yes, there are parties but not everyone participates. The partying isnt as bad as people say.

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