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My school is unique compared to the other colleges I considered because it is larger than the community college in my home city but smaller than the other universities I did campus visits on, so it fits me. There is a large community of people who relate to me on campus, and I have not run into anyone who isn't friendly yet.


My school is like a family. Everyone that goes here loves the school and wants to make a difference here. During sports events, all the locals come and I think that is very unique.


The quality of the campus up keep and on campus housing. The university is continuing to imporve itself and upgrade academic buildings.


There are many unique things at Georgia Southern, that many other schools did not have. For instance, they have varsity athletics, the Greek system and many other clubs for any type of person, but they still remain a smaller university. Also, the weather is great year around and it is one of the most beautiful campuses that I had ever been to. Finally, the people here are very nice and helpful and they truly represent southern hospitality.


Georgia Southern offered a small campus feel. They provide a very personalized assistance program. As a first year student my fear was not being able to find the help I would need, but they discussed this with us at orienation sessions and really made me feel confident.


A mojority of the dorms are suite style, as opposed to traditional, but theres still a dorm feel. It's still easy to get to know your neighbors and stuff.


It is vastly known for its big school, but small feel school. It is the only school in Georgia that offered Forensic s as a concentration for the Masters program for Accountancy.


I considered attending Georgia State University. The factor that determined whether I would be attending Georgia State or Georgia Southern was Georgia Southern's beautiful traditional campus. Being that Georgia State is in the heart of downtown Atlanta, I felt as though its lack of a traditional campus would hender my college experience. Georgia Southern is also located in what some would call a "college town". Therefore, the school spirit is amazing and everyone makes Georgia Southern students feel right at home.


I love the student oriented way of thinking of faculty and staff! This school pushes us all to excel and give us all the resources needed to do so.


GSU has an unparalleled amount of school spirit and pride that transfers from the football and baseball fields to the classroom, making it exciting for students to say they graduated from Georgia Southern.


This school has a lot of world-renowned researchers. It allows students to work directly with these researchers, write their own dissertations, present at conferences, etc. This is great experience.


Georgia Southern has a beautiful campus and class sizes are never too big. At Georgia Southern, you can get to know your professor and trust me, you want to.


Even though it's a huge University, most of your classes are still small.


it's a great place for learning fpr young adults


Close to Tybee and Savannah


The beautiful campus and the small school feel that it offers. Georgia Southern teachers and students alike work to make a new student feel at home, and that drew my appeal.


Compared to other schools I considered, this one was the furthest from home. Also this was the only one that was not located in a metroplitan area, this school is located more in the country with limited things to do and ways to entertain yourself with.




Georgia Southern was different because the campus is big, but not overwhelming. When I visited the first time, I fell in leve with the beauty of the campus because there is so many trees and flowers and grassy areas for students to enjoy. The layout of the campus was simple, unlike manny of the huge, overwhelming campuses I had toured. Students have anything they need right on campus, you just have to look for it, whether it be clubs, activities or sports.


The size is just right. Not too big, and not too small. Statesboro is a great community to live/go to school in. Small-town feel with all the conveniences you need.


The thing I like most about Georgia Southern is that it is like its own little community. If you did not have a car, you could get everything you needed right on campus. A lot of the other campuses I've visited have been spread out, with university buildings intermixed with the town. I like Georgia Southern being laid out like it is and being very self-sufficient.


My school has a decent amount of classes that have a good student to teacher ratio. Yes, there are a few classes, such as core classes, that have a few hundred students in them. However, there are enough so that the teacher doesn't get overwhelmed. Many of the specified classes have very nice student to teacher ratios.


The Georgia Southern campus has a great professor to student ratio which can offer a small class setting with high-quality teachers. I knew I wouldn't be initmidated in class to ask a question if I ever felt lost. Also, I get to apply my own opinions about the topics we discuss (an opportunity I wouldn't recieve at a larger university). Didn't hurt that the people were friendly or the campus was beautiful either.


The uniqueness of the school is that the campus has a big feel to it, but when it comes down to it, it is actually really small. You are not just a number on this campus. There is only about 25,000 students on this campus and it is a nice feel to be able to walk the campus or ride a bike. The campus is not that spread out unlike some big universities.


This school is special to me because I am at home. I didn't want to go out of town to some two year college and still wind up having to make my way to another college or university, and have to travel much farther from my family, which was something I definitely did not want to do, considering the way the economy is heading these days. Everything including money is tight.


Georgia Southern University was different from the other schools was the town it is located it, Statesboro. Statesboro is small enough where you can find places easy and see people you know everywhere, but also big enough to be able to escape. Another unique quality is that is is located about thirty to fourty minuets away from the beach in Tybee Island.


Georgia Southern University allows to get the feeling of being in a large campus with a small-feel scale at the same time. Classes are usually around forty to fifty students and some are either a few more or less. This University has plenty of resources available for students to succeed and use to their advantage. As a Georgia Southern University student, I must say it has been a wonderful choice for myself.


Our school has a lot of school spirit. It's a large campus located in a small town so it still has that small town friendly feel.


It is a large-ish campus, but it feels small.


GSU provides a feeling of being at home because the town is small and comfortable. Statesboro also had many churches and a strong recovery system.


The campus is AMAZING and the people on it are so friendly. It is a small feel college, but in reality it is a huge university. No matter what I always feel at home and welcome on campus and with my professors!


Georgia Southern University ahs a very diverse and spirited group of students and faculty that many other schools do not have. We are also all dedicated to our future careers, to our friends, and to our peers.


It's size. It's not too small or big. There are enough people here that not every single person knows who you are, but there aren't so many that you can't get to know your professors.


Georgia Southern is a large scale, small feel university. It offers a beautiful, well taken care of campus. Student involvement here is HUGE. GSU also offers many intermural sports, student clubs, and job opportunites. My school is located in a small, southern, college town where the people are very friendly.


Georgia Southern University is the perfect sized school. It is not too big, but not to small either. We are close to Savannah, for weekend trips.


great science program


It had a lot of benifits big schools have to offer without huge classes. You still felt like you mattered even at a bigger school.


It's located in a smaller town about three and a half hours away from my home town. It was a great experience to be away from all of my family and friends because it pushed me to meet new people. You will find a lot of students that are also far from home. Even though it is located in a smaller town, there is such a large number of students located in one area that there is always something to do. It is also a great campus if you love the outdoors.


it has a beautiful scenic campus


Our school is large scale, but small feel. We have everything that a larger university has, but we also have that quaint home town feel to it. We have the computer labs, research facilities, and highly acclaimed professors, but you can still walk down the street and find a cute little (non-starbucks) coffee shop and people are geniunely nice...I guess you could call that Southern hospitality.


GSU was the only school I applied to. I love the location because it is not in a big city, but only about 45min from Savannah and the ocean. The campus is set up really well and is beautiful all through the year.


It's a small town feel on a big campus. People are very friendly and helpful.


Most people who attend this universtiy come from small towns. Its easy to meet people and football games are always the best.


The campus is beautiful. The teachers are passionate about their subjects. The school of business is all-around amazing. The facilities offered by the school are constantly improving. The school is located in a small town, far from big cities. Students are so nice. There's always something to do.


Cool people


The campus at Georgia Southern is beautiful. I love how open it is and it is just overall a very attractive campus. There is a lot of space for the campus to build which is what has been happening in the last decade or so.


Students at Georgia Southern are typically friendlier than students I've encountered on other campuses.


This school is full of life and there are things going on everyday. You are exposed to alot of activities and also make friends in the process.


The size of the school and the professor's help to students.


My school has a very homey feel. It reminds me a lot of where I grew up. Everyone in the community is extremely nice. I love how our campus is very open, yet you can easily walk from one end of the campus to the other. We have many places to sit and study on campus and also several places around campus and town to get together with friends.

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