Georgia Southern University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Honestly, I wish I woud've known the that independence was such an important factor at Georgia Southern. I had to schedule when and what part of campus to eat at everyday while moving in between classes which may sound simple but is rather difficult. I remember of one day I forgot to eat until about midnight and realized, HEY, I didn't eat all today. With that said I would say manage your time and classes to where you can eat and study properly in order to get a balanced college experience.


I wish that I knew that biology is not a good major for me. I almost failed the class and this tanked my GPA and I almost lost my Hope Scholarship. I wish i would have accepted the fact that math is more of my thing.


Dietetic Internships cost money and are extremely competitive. Students must pay the internship site once they are accepted. Internships accept applications from all 50 states but only choose between 2-10 total students out of the thousands of applications.


I'm not really sure. Living is an learning experience. Maybe I will make sure that was more social and participated in more events.


The only thing I was not aware of when I began school was the number of cotton fields that surround the school. Other than that there are no schocking factors, or crippling surprises that await you. This community depends on the school so everyone works very well together.


I wish I would've known that most of my work would be done online. Coming to college, I didn't have a laptop, so it was very stressful to do my homework on the computer all the time.


I wish i had known that most of the students here go home on the weekends before i had come here. I live far away and cannot go home every weekend like everyone else does. It is very lonely here on the weekends.


I pretty much knew what I was getting into when I applied and decided to go here. I had teachers and friends that had previously been to the school or knew others that were in the school.


I wish I had looked into the college soccer program more because I had heard stereotypes that discouraged me from trying out. I was told that the coach was horrible and only wanted big, fast players. After attending some of the soccer games I found this not to be true. They are a respectable team and one that I wished that I could be a part of.


How to balance school and being away from home.


It's really hard to find a job, on or off-campus, and many of the scholarships are either for technical fields or are needs-based, which doesn't help those (like me) whose parents have the money but won't pay for their college.


Dorm life is more distracting than I gave it credit for. Keeping a strong head, determination, faith, and good study habits are key things that will have to be self-enforced at all times if a student is looking to succeed in higher education. But for the most part, I was mentally prepared for a lot of the college ways before I began my first undergraduate semester. My family made sure to let me know what I needed to know. I also took note of things, people, and situations that I came across on my own. to help me.


I wish I had known how much responsibility came with being a college student four hours from home. It's not hard, just another challenge and an opportunity to grow.




I wish I had known how to manage time better so that I would have spent more time studying and less time socializing.


Before I entered college at Georgia Southern University I wish I would have listened to my parents. I barely had to study in high school and got great grades, my parents kept telling me to get a study plan so that I would have a good study plan for college. Instead I did not make a plan and once I started classes at Georgia Southern I realized it was every fast pase and I would quickly need to develop a study plan to be successful my first year of college.


One thing I wish to have known before I came to Georgia Southern University is how friendly the people are hear because it would have made my decision of coming to this school a lot easier.


I wish I had known more about what program of study I should have entered into. I started out in the College of Education only to know that I wasn't prepared to test for the exams that certifies you in the education field. I wasted too much time in that program of study only to find out that age does make a difference in certain careers.


I wish I would have known that this school did not have a strong criminal justice program. The justice studies program is a mix between criminal justice and political science. My education would have benefited more from a program specific to criminal justice, especially since I am pursuing my education at the doctoral level in criminology.


Better study habits.


How much it would cost me out of pocket.


That you should take the amount of hours you are prepared for not what your advisor says you should take.


I wish I had more knowledge of what to expect out of the teacher and other students alike, as well as the workload.


I wished I knew how expensive college was and I wish I had decided to life off-campus because it is cheaper and nicer.


I wish I would have known that Statesboro was such a small town. Statesboro is really small, but not too small, you know? It's about the same size as my town back home, so i felt more comfortable than I thought, which was a good surprise.


statesboro sucks


I wish I had known how to study effectively.




I dont wish I knew anything more than I came to Georgia Southern knowing.


I wish I had known that unlike high school, I really need to study, take notes, and do homework to even pass! College is much, much harder than high school.


I researched this school a lot before I decided to attend Georgia Southern, but the only thing I wish I had known is how bad the cafeteria food was . As a freshman you are required to purchase meal plans and you have to eat in one of the two cafeterias on campus. Most of the food there was terrible and I could have used that money to eat things that I liked.




Nothing more in particular.


Learn to balance between your academic and social life. Balance it to where you are giving your academic life 75% of your time and the other 25% to your social life. You can have a lot of fun at Georgia Southern, but you have to work hard as well.


More about how the dorms are not very sound proof, you will hear your roomates all the time


Take classes WAYYYY more seriously your freshman year, or you'll be spending the rest of your college time getting the grades back up. Also, DO NOT lose HOPE. It is one of the best financial aid schloarships for in state students.


The community really did not care for a diverse popluation of students eventhough the students bring in about 89% of sales/income annually to the community.


Well, to be honest not a whole in the end I really knew what I was coming here for the small school feel with a large school size and also the chemistry department is 13th in the nation how can that be beat?


I knew everything

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