Georgia Southern University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Georgia Southern University?


I think it is extremely hard to narrow a student to a particular "kind of person". While at GSU, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet students from all over the world. There is an international presence at the university that brings wonderful diversity and pride to the campus. If I had to list a kind of person, I would say one that is committed to school, and not there to "party". Too often students had to leave due to poor grades, and not taking their education seriously.


You’re going to want to be polite, and have a lot to put on that application: do some stuff with clubs, student government, intramurals/other sports activities, possibly go greek, and of course have good grades!


Some one who is willing to meet new people and learn. Also someone who want to have fun in the process.


This school is great for students that love sports and/or working out (generally, any athletic activity), the Greek system, and who have a lot of money to spend going to the club/bar to kill time. Also, if you can afford to purchase a parking pass, then you have more money than most of the students here.


A person who enjoys being in a southern enviorment, where people are very hospitable and treat one another well. Not to mention the fact that Georgia Southern is a party school, so if a student likes to party they will enjoy it here. Not all students party hard here, there are plenty of other students who are academically focused and actually want to do well in school. This school is for students who are good with diversity and enjoy a good southern atmosphere.


Someone that likes having a big school, but if feels like a small one because you get to know everyone. A person that truely cares about what they do in the future should attend this school. It prepares you for the real world.


I think that all kinds of people could attend this school. People looking for a big city feel or want a large city feel probably wouldn't want to go here.


Someone who doesn't want a big school but doesn't want a little school. They care about their academics, but also wants to grow as a person. They want the 'at home' feel with the thrill of being out of the house.


A person who would like to be successful and thrive should attend Georgia southern.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person who likes diversity and a person that is not afraid to get lost in the crowd.