Georgia State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


GSU is definitely not your traditional college campus experience; it is a small community where people from all walks of life mesh together forming long term relationships to help each other grow , mentally preparing us for our personal and professional lives.


I have visited other college campuses and I have to say that my school is the most diverse school I have come across. We are in the heart of downtown Atlanta, and there is a huge cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity present. I find that it is very important to surround yourself with those that are much different from you in order to really learn about the world.


Georgia State University is a school that is located in the heart of downtown that offers great learning and interactions to both students and faculty.


Georgia State is an awesome place to attend college.


Georgia State is a fun, exciting, diversified school.


Georgia State University is growing and the campus is expanding in need of more flexible schedules plus more professors.


A fun, exciting, and encouraging place to grow and improve yourself for the rest of your life.


Georgia State University was immersed in the city of Atlanta where people worked and played.


A diverse school that focuses on career placement and has great food.


Georgia State University is an excellent school that provides a great education while doing so at a great value.


Georgia State University is very diverse and fufilling.


GSU is a very liberal campus geared towards liberal arts and business students.


Georgia State University is a vary diverse and friendly campus where not only the students, but the faculty do what they can to help you get where you want to go.


Georgia State University is an excellent school for social work!


My school is a very diverse, thirty thousand kids enrolled public university.


Georgia State University is an extremely diverse college with a wide range of oppurtunites for people who want to have a fufilling college life with a gregarious group of peers and enjoy making connections that will benefit them even after they graduate.


I go to a commuter college.


Georgia State University represents the unification of several differing backgrounds into a single cohesive community.


Georgia State University is a great university with a very diverse campus.


Located in the middle of downtown.


Georgia State University is an extremely diverse university that is committed to classwork that is helpful in the long run instead of pointless, mindless "busy" work.


A very diverse and friendly place in the heart of the city of Atlanta, Georgia.


It a massive school full of different interesting people.


It is very diverse,which in return, allows the opportunity to explore the world in a sense by the many different individuals you meet from different backgrounds.


GSU is more like hang out or chiling out school. I did not see this school as really like professional institution. The system is awful and unmanageable and very disappointed to step my foot there as a transfer student. I should have gone to UGA instead.


Rigourus and challenging.


It spreads out to the whole down town ATL. Sparks Hall is on 33 Gilmer Street. One block down there is the Student Center, where students sit on couches to do homework or to take naps. One more block there is the Rec(reation) Center where the gym and the pool are. Next to Sparks Hall is the General Classroom Building, and nearby there is the Library Classrooms, connected to the library area. On another side of campus (about 10 minutes walking), there is the Aderhold Learning Center, which is also close to the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. In between the two sides of campus there is the School of Arts and Sciences. Parking lots are spreaded across campus. Prices may vary from $4 to $7 per hour, or monthly for $50-$60. All the buildings are typically similar with regular sized classrooms (Aderhold and Library South have bigger auditorium classrooms). Andrew Young School and Robinson School have conference rooms only. These buildings are typically older.


The campus may seem large and all over the city to someone who's never seen it.


GSU is in downtown atl, so our school buildings are right in between tall office buildings downtown. There is not much green space, but just mainly different buildings.


My school is an exciting and amazing place to further you knowledge with a diverse group of people.


Georgia State is a really nice school and I really enjoy going there; the dorms were rated #1 in the country and there is always something to do on and off campus.


A school in the middle of downtown Atlanta.


An established university in the heart of downtown Atlanta with cultural and educational diversity.


Fun, Learning Environment


Georgia State University is a very "liberal" establishment that offers a wide variety in degree studies for flourishing young adults.


Georgia State University provides an excellent academic atmosphere while being in an active, urban environment.


GSU is and will continue to be career focused and student centered with unique life changing experiences.


My school motivates the students


Georgia State is an interesting school, located in the heart of Atlanta, with a definited emphasis on the Arts and Humanities.


My school is very diverse and provides me with an opportunity to accel socially and accedemically.


Georgia State University is a very well developed school with a diverse population and good teachers.


My school is passionate about it's students future.


Georgia State University is a very diversified school that has more clubs and sports teams than you could ever imagine; there are tons of things to do and always some event to attend so you would never be bored; most of the teachers are actually Harvard proffesors, but the school doesn't tell you that and they are actually very nice and very open to talking to you and working with you to provide the best possible college experience.


Georgia State University is a place where it is okay to be different while stiving to excel academicly every day in oneof the most influential learning institution in the south .


My school is kind of fast- paced and most people are involved in campus activities.


it costs tooo much to go to this school you might as well go to a out of state school. the HOPE scholarship doesnt even fully cover your tuition and fees. they are considering raising the costs again. i feel that im not getting what i paid for because of the services such as the shuttles, the dining areas and the shortage of classes


My school is a university of opportunities, that prepare each student to be life long learns, able to function at optimal levels.


Diversity is one of the main focuses at my university.


GA State is a great balance between fun and academic


Georiga State University and very diverse and cultured in students and faculty.