Georgia State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The openess of the campus, because it alows people that are not apart of the university to walk through the campus. This could put students in danger.


Georgia State University is a commuter school so a large population of the students live off-campus. Additionally, the fact that the school is centralized in the downtown Atlanta area can, at times, make it feel like something unlike other colleges. With that said, there are not any impediments that would make anyone feel that Georgia State cannot serve their needs academically and in many instances, socially.


Not really enough housing, Alot of people are around campus.


Who was and was not suppose to speak or answer questions Also, the inability to reach Professors


we dont have alot of school spirit. This is because alot of student dont stay at school.


one thing is not being able to erase pass classes but thats not ther fault lol


Somewhat antisocial.


The administration at GSU, financial aid and registration offices are completely useless for trying to recieve any direct answers about the current status of a student's standing. The advisers as well often do not know the required classes students have to take for their majors. While some of the new buildings are fairly nice, the older buildings on campus are completely deteriorated and threaten falling down every day. The library as well has probably not bought a book since 1960.


Administrative red tape.


size, location


I don't believe we have enough school sprirt. That is mainly because we do not have a football tema. Other than that everything else is fine.


The worst parts about Georgia State University is that look of community , because it is a commuter-school. The other bad thing is that at times it is not academically challenging enough, and many students feel like they have not learned anything, and are just trying to graduate at get out. Lastly, the school can be very disorganized and hard to find the right people to help you.


I guess the worst thing would be class selection. There are alot of good classes but the availability of those classes is limited.


Not sure,


The worst thing about this school is the way that everything is spread out. It creates a less personal experience.




the location, the financial aid given to students who really need it, more research facilities


its location and openness. anyone is capable of waling into our campus.


The fact that we are downtown and have to interact with homeless people.


It's too big.


Probably assistance with financial aid. It's very difficult to not be able to get all the information one can about loans for the school year. Students need to be able to know what kind of steps they can take if they did not recieve enough financial aid, and how they can go to school as planned. For example, I did not recieve much financial aid and I did not have a cosigner for a loan. Georgia State was unable to help me out, so I have to miss my first semester of my sophmore year.


Being in the heart of downtown. Worrying about panhandlers asking for money when im in college and dont have money to give.


I think it would have to be the new foot ball team that we are planning to get. I think it takes away from what most of the students come to GAstate for.