Georgia State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are afraid of homelessness and who are afraid of a city's natural state. Not all of Atlanta is going to be prim and proper, if you want that, go to midtown, but I am absolutely sure that you probably won't be able to afford to live there on a college student income. There are nice and nasty things about Atlanta, and homelessness is one of them, but people have to realize that they are people too. If you care, you can do things like volunteer your time to help aid those who have to fend for their lives every day. If not, you're better off going to a traditional college campus


Because of the high concentration of students at GSU, a person who has a hard time dealing with large crowds should not attend this school. They should also not attend GSU if they require open access to their professors. Also, due to the location of the university, people who do not enjoy city living should opt out of this school. People who need affordable housing may want to consider attending a different school. Due to the layout and location of the campus, those with physical disabilities may find it very difficult to get around.


People who think they "know it all". This is a minority school and always will have that atmosphere. But that is what makes it so great. People don't give us a chance to succeed, but in the end we are all just as qualified.


Someone looking for a diverse, low-pressure academic environment who doesn't mind large classes.


People who do not like open campuses.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is one who prefers a traditional campus over a city campus. If you prefer a smaller school and almost little to no diversity, GSU is not for you.


Someone who loves nature is definitely not the right person for Georgia State. Don't get me wrong, Atlanta has soe beautiful parks but, again, it is the concrete jungle. Someone who hates walking everywhere is also wrong for this school. The Georgia State capus is very spread out which requires you to walk some distance to your classes.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is looking for a small campus. The campus is very big and you are lucky if you see someone at least twice in three months. If someone is looking for a typical, standard, campus then Georgia State is not something they should consider.


I think everyone should and is eligible to attend this school.


Anyone who wants to atend a culturally diverse college.


A conservative or racist person.


Georgia State is all inclusive so people can from varied backgrounds , social economic, and demographics are encouraged to apply.


Someone who dislikes city life.


An individual should attend this school if they are accepting of diversity. Atlanta and it's surrounding cities consist of individuals from every race and culture. An open minded person would really enjoy what they can offer, and learn from their peers at this school. Individuals from every walk of life are welcome at Georgia State. Most students (including myself) are commuter students; meaning we live in the outskirts of Atlanta. There is a huge population of non-traditional students that attend Georgia State as well, and because of that there is so much to learn from each classmate.


Anyone looking for a good science related degree and has views which are more Republican or Conservative, should avoid GSU.


A very diverse person.


Georgia State University has an extremely large variety of students as well as a substantial student population. The only type of person who would not benefit from attending this college would be students who prefer classes in a small setting as the classes tend to be quite large. Because the school is in downtown Atlanta, it is an extremely crowded area and individuals who do not enjoy being surrrounded by people might want to think twice. Students who are lazy and not prepared to work hard will not succeed and should not attend.


A person who is not ready to take their life serious and pull through the heavy load of work.


Someone who is close minded, or has prior exceptations for the school. Someone who doesnt like diversity and meeting people from literally all different places. Someone who definitely doesnt like the city


People who just want to party and screw around. You'll just waste your time and money.


The person who just want to hang out with friends and not really want to study.


A student who is not ready to take on all that life has to offer. It is a school where so many resources are available to be used. If you are one not to seek oppurtunities then it may not be the right place for you. You have to want to be an important part of the school.


Someone who does not do well in large crowded cities or with a lot of people should not attend GA State. If you prefer a traditional college experience then you should not attend this school. It is in the heart of downtown and people who prefer a quiant little campus would not enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city life.


Someone who doesn't want to go to a school that cares about its students. Georgia State makes it a point to help every student that needs it and offers a great deal of information on every topic that would come up regarding scholarships, housing, classes, and student organizations.


There are many people of many different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds that attend GSU, but you really have to be on campus for extended periods of time to experience all that campus diversity offers. With that being said, commuter students really miss out on all there is going on. When taking a survey, I found out that most commuter students don't enjoy GSU even slightly as much as those students who live on campus. I agree and advise anyone planning to live far from Atlanta to find somewhere closer to home.


To go to Georgia State University, a prospective student definitely needs to be a city-oriented person. Georgia State is located right in the heart of downtown Atlanta, where something is always going on. Whether it be protests by the state capital, students getting ready to go out to clubs at night, or passing cars, Atlanta is always loud. Someone who doesn't like the city and city life would definitely face a disadvantage here.


A person who is not used to large cities and a lot of people would not be comfertable at Georgia State University. There are over 33,000 students at GSU which means that many classes will have about 100 or more students. To a person who might prefer smaller classes, larger classes may seem rather impersonal.


One who is shy about living in a vibrant, fast-pased, urban environment.


Conservative republican or a racist


Anyone who would prefer a small school should not attend Georgia State University, because it has a large campus with around 31,000 students.


I think a person who is very into the whole highschool thing, with lots of friends and classmates. I mean you can have many friends in a college like Georgia State but it's very spread out and each person is on their own, it's more of an adult school.


A person that does not enjoy a big campus with diverse people, or for those who do not enjoy the city.


A person who doesn't like not having a set campus. People who also don't enjoy a lot of diversity as school based environment.


Someone that wants to go to class, learn, and then commute back home.


Though Georgia State opens up big arms to everyone, they shut doors on those who may hinder others. People who cannot be independent and do things on their own will not even make it to the first day of school. At Georgia State, you are your own person, and your parents are not there to hold your hand. If you are too lazy to do anything on your own or cannot be responsible to take charge of your future, you will make it nowhere in life, especially not into Georgia State Univeristy.


One who wants to be outdoors and hke or be n nature. Inner city school


A person that wants to have an active and upbeat social life


People who are not comfortable with the city and wouldn't like it. People who love sports and want to have a traditional campus life incuding greek life.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person who doesn't like walking because campus is very spread out. A person who doesn't really care about college and just cares about partying wouldn't do well here.


A person who is extremely close-minded and a radical conservative should not attend this university. This university is very much an international school with a majority of its students and professors coming from various countries to teach and learn in the United States.


Georgia State University is an extremely diverse campus. It is in the center of a big city and encompasses many different ethnicities and cultures. Someone who is uncomfortable around different cultures than there own would not enjoy Georgia State. However, I think many people could benefit from the learning experience one gets from attending such a culturally diverse university. It is very eye opening and freeing to be a part of such a welcoming institute where we are all treated equally and able to learn from each other about the different aspects of others cultural experiences.


If you depend on a lot of motivation from the examples of your peers to work hard and learn, this may not be the best school for you.


I believe Georgia State University is a school for everyone. It has a very divese population and i think anyone will be able to be happy at GSU.


Someone that shouldnt attend this school is someone that is not really focused because it is easy to get off track and slack off. The school is pretty massive in size and its in the city so there are so many temptations (inckuding the partying i previously mentioned)!


I think Georgia State University is a very well-rounded and diverse school to attend. Although every one is so different, it is still very easy to get along. Every student and faculty member is very willing to help you succeed. The only reason I could see some one not attending the school is because of where its located. Georgia State University is located in the city of Atlanta. There are a lot of office buildings, restaurants etc. Its not a typical college campus. If you dont like the city environment, you won't like the school.


A person who wants a small, intimate college experience should definitely not attend this college. Someone who needs alot of guidance also should not come here.


People that require a very solitude and peaceful settings should not consider Georgia State University. GSU, being in the heart of downtown Atlanta, can become very frantic and loud. In addition, people that would much rather attend a school with a very large campus and campus life should take into consideration other schools.


A troublemaker or a rebel shouldn't attend this school.


A person with a closed mind and unwillingness to learn about and embrace new cultures, fashions or languages should probably not attend. Though GSU is a commuter school and most students live off-campus, there is such diversity that being curious and sparking new interactions is almost mandatory. A person who will act on presumptions of a racial/ethnic group without actually going to investigate and learn about the differences between cultures would likely have a hard time at this school.


Anyone and everyone should attend Georgia State University. It is a very diverse school with many degree options ranging from majors pertaining to health related fields to art to finance, law, business and so many others. It's hard to think of a "kind of person" that would not find what they're looking for in Georgia State. If anything, a person who is not used to living in the city would probably need time to adjust to downtown Atlanta.