Gettysburg College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Classes at Gettysburg are small and the largest you will have are the 100 level lecture classes that are about 50 students. The professors all try to really learn who their students are and about them. Students here study a lot but also have time where they can relax to avoid getting too stressed. Class participation is taken into account in almost every class. It is seen as really important here becuase the classes are small enough that everyone shoul talk some. Projects and outside work are given and many students will meet in groups frequently to go over things. My major is environmental studies and a minor in education (the work of a major). They are both a lot of work. Professors encourage their students to go to office hours for help or to just clarify something. The professors are all very friendly and are really here to help students at the college do their best.


some professors know my name, if you ask questions, go to office hours or email them- theyll learn your name. favorite class- any science! the sciences are so fun, and the professors love their field. the amount of time you spend studying will reflect in your GPA- i study during most of my free time, except friday afternoon/night and saturday day/night- thats my break. everyone manages their time differently. class participation depends on the professors, some make it a certain percentage of your grade and others dont interact with the students as much. i wouldnt consider gettysburg students competitive for their grades, i mean there are always those fun competitions between friends and classmates but nothing stressful. hate the academic requirements. education at gettysburg is geared towards learning.


All of my professor know my name. I was a little dissapointed about the lack of intellectual disscusions outside of class. I have found that all people talke about is who has hooked up with who and what frat is the best and who is going to get the beer.


Three forths of my professeurs know my name. My favorite class is french or multivariable calculus. Both these classes have to do with the teacher. I love the subjects but for me a teacher can make or break a class. My least favorite class is biology or physics because the teachers are not only confusing but they are impersonal. I study more than normal but on average students in my dorm probably spend one-two hours per night and more when there is a test. Class participation is very important at our school because the classes are so small and personal. Like most colleges there are students who hold intellectual conversations outside of the classroom. Many students are able to take a variety or classes that they are passionate about so they continue conversations outside of class. Students are very competitive and it makes you want to strive harder. The most unique class I have taken is multivariable. The class is one hour fifteen minutes but a lot of the class is spent in the computer lab working on images of 3-D graphs. I have just declared my major so I have yet to get to know my professeurs in my major. Gettysburg might seem like it has stringent requirements but its only because it is a liberal arts school and they want you to experience as many different areas as possible. There are many opportunities to get interships and have mock interviews. The college is very on top of getting students prepared for graduation.