Gettysburg College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


There are two general groups of people the should attend Gettysburg College. The ones who enjoy drinking, partying, and going out on week nights even though the work load is incredibly hard. As well as those who are strong enough to with stand from illegal activities and contain the ability to seek out people who are similar to them in their dislike of the party scene. If you are not the first person, then you need to be prepared to stand your ground and work really hard to find those who will bond with you.


White, wealthy students will feel most comfortable at this school.


If you are willing to take advantage of all that Gettysburg has to offer, it is worth the tuition. The academics are great. Professors provide very personal instruction, and the support staff (center for career development, off-campus studies) is phenomenal. There are more extra-cirricular opportunities than one could every hope to be involved with. Especially good is the Center for Public Service that the college has. There, you can serve, or become a program coordinator for a specific service opportunity. The atmosphere is great, and you'll fit in whether you like to party hard or not.


Students considering attending Gettysburg should be the type that intend to be involved and active in college life. This is a campus setting - the vast majority of students live on campus all four years. Activities abound for anyone that expresses an interest in practically any area. If the opportunity does not currently exist, a student can initiate a club or activity they are interested in. The small student body makes Gettysburg truly feel like a small town where everyone knows, or is familiar with nearly everyone else. Degrees of separation are tiny, so plan to interact and be involved.


Students who are serious about their education and willing to have less of a social life in order to achieve their educational goals. Students who are able to balance their social life with education well. Students who are organized.


Gettysburg is great for students who are looking for a personal learning experience. It has a lot of great study abroad opportunities to offer and is working hard to become more environmentally sustainable. However, there is a lot of pressure from the Greek community to party and drink. The school is not marketed as a party school, but there is a definite Greek versus Non-Greek divide to the campus community. There is also an obvious economic divide among the students.


Someone who is willing to work hard.


Mostly conservative, wealthy, private/prep school




A person who is does not want a very diverse school, but wants an academically chalanging and socially focused school.


Anyone. Academically motivated, community involved, socially active.


Outgoing, friendly, hardworking students should attend this school. We study hard, but we also relax and have fun, especially on weekends.