Glendale Community College-Glendale, AZ Top Questions

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My school is unique because out of all the schools I considered, they have been the most helpful with creating an experience specific to me.


It's very convenient for anyone to come to this school. They have a very accomodating schedule of classes, which makes it possible for someone with the most erratic personal schedule to still go to school.


even though my school is rather small i think it has many things to offer; it has your typical classes and great sports to participate in; with that great coaches that'll help you get to the next level. there is so much talent coming out of this school that i never new about. many are getting scholarships to division 1 schools which is what im planning on doing for football. i think overall GCC unique part comes from our sports. we bring dedication, effort most of all heart to the game.


Definetly the teachers and their dedication. The classes are kept at a minimum so that the teachers are able to focus on problems that the students have. It is not just one big classroom where the teacher rambles off a bunch of information. They actually try and help the individual where needed. That is what sets GCC appart from other schools.